Gucci Sues Forever 21 For Copyright Infringement

Gucci Sues Forever 21

Forever 21, the American fast fashion retailer is facing a lawsuit as it’s battling with copyright infringement claimed by Gucci.. Knocking off the luxury brand’s trademark ‘blue-red-blue’ and ‘green-red-green’ stripe webbing is the cause of conflict.. Known to copycat luxury brand designs and draw inspiration from, forever 21 has faced the same counterclaims previously when it copied other multiple brands, the likes of Fenty Puma, DVF, Adidas, Mara Hoffman,Anthropologie and Anna Sui..


Gucci Sues Forever 21


The filing included the following,


Gucci America brings these counterclaims because Forever 21 has challenged its most valuable and widely known marks. And further because Forever 21’s legal assault, like its business model, is built on undermining the very notion of trademark protection, which is of critical importance to Gucci America’s brand.

Gucci Sues Forever 21


The exact copy and use of the stripe webbing exists on several items. The pieces include a silver bomber jacket, a floral bomber jacket, a butterfly jumper, a green tiger motif jumper and a choker, all lookalike designs that literally scream Gucci! The items are not currently listed on the Forever 21 website though.

Forever 21 fired back, in its complaint, the fast fashion giant said


Gucci should not be allowed to claim that Gucci, alone, has a monopoly on all blue-red-blue and green-red-green striped clothing and accessory items… Any use of stripes or color bands on clothing sold by Forever 21 is ornamental, decorative and aesthetically functional.


Designer labels often argue that copies not only hurt sales, but dilute brand equity through association with lower quality product. In our opinion, we believe so as well..