Hi, My Name is ÇIRIIN and I’m a Gym Wear Addict

gym wear

Hi, my name is ÇIRIIN and I am a gym wear addict.

I never really thought I had a problem, till my sister came over one day, and hinted that my perfectly sorted, color coded gym wardrobe was a little OTT (over the top). I casually told her that I probably wasn’t going to buy more stuff any time soon. As there was simply no room.

That casual promise, or should i say white lie, was what alerted me to what gym wear had come to mean to me. It was no longer a means to an end, but indeed, an end all of it’s own. I wonder if my gym and yoga subscriptions are simply the perfect excuse to wear my active wear.

When I am honest with myself, I can admit that gym wear makes me feel really good. When you pay top dollar for a gym tank top, you can guarantee that you will look super. The perfect fabric, so you can sweat without worrying about it showing through. The tops, wonderfully fitted around the waist, accentuate your midriff. The ruching kindly camouflaging any muffin top issues you may have. Then there are the famous $90 Lululemon leggings that genuinely carry your butt around, making it look rounder and more lifted.

So buying these items does make sense, what perhaps makes less sense, is the amount of pieces we feel we need. Why so much ? What is it, that makes us make almost identical purchases month after month after month, without ever questioning this behaviour ?

But that’s the catch you see, they are marketed as different products. The minute differences heralded as improvements, which of course we are keen to own.


gym wear


A basic tank top, starts off as a ideal gym staple, perfectly hitting the top hip…. That same top is then transformed into a yoga top, lengthened by 5 centimeters so it covers your butt better during your down dog pose (“such a good idea” you say). That same tank top, is then improved to a racer back, to allow for more comfortable arm movement, (come to think of it, it could improve my tennis serve). For a more fashion forward look, that same top, has sheer panels added to the sides and is transformed into yet another “new” top that we need to own. Then of course, with the change of seasons, the colors change over, and you feel good buying the same top again in burgundy and dark beige, because that neon peach shade doesn’t really work for Autumn.

I feel no guilt admitting that I have purchased the same top, in each of the above iterations, because they aredifferent.

When my husband rolls his eyes at my latest yoga mat purchase, I explain to him that this mat has more cushioning, but is still light weight, and is a fabulous shade of lemon sorbet. I am waiting for them to make the same mat in a non-slip form, because that would be perfect for those hot yoga sessions.


gym wear


I will hand it to them, luxury activewear labels are wizards at creating new gym accessories as well. If you are less gullible than me, and can abstain from purchasing the latest sheer paneled, dri-fit, autumn/winter shade of that basic tank, I wonder how well you will do when it comes to all the new accessories you probably never knew you needed. The finger socks with non-slip soles, the better to spread your toes in up dog pose on a cold winter day. The towel-mat hybrid, so you can wipe your forehead while in child pose, without having to reach for a towel during a sweaty workout and of course the latest massage ball which comes from recycled bottles and is kind to the environment. And who doesn’t need the same water bottle, but this time, with motivational quotes on it ?

Brilliant really…