Brondes Have More Fun || Blake Lively’s New Hair Color

Blake Lively unveiled her new hair shade via instagram yesterday.

“…Brondes have more fun #NoTypos-IKnowIThinkItsCrazyToo,” Blake wrote alongside a picture of her transformation.

Bronde is a recently coined term for the mixture of blonde and brunette hair colours. Lively’s glowing “bronde” hue is a fusion of brunette and blonde shades, giving the chocolate-colored base a summery, sun-kissed shimmer. It’s a trendy look that lines up with Lóreal Paris’ new “Go Bronde” campaign, which makes perfect sense, as the Age of Adaline actress is one of the beauty brand’s ambassadors.

Speaking previously about her hair, Blake admitted she hates it when her tresses turn into a “fluffy tent”.

“When my hair goes wrong, it goes all puffy and fuzzy, like a fluffy tent. Having the right oil is key – many can be too heavy,” she told British magazine Glamour. “I like Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mist because it strikes the right balance – it’s softening, but also has a bit of grip. Don’t just slap it on, otherwise you end up with a big greasy slick and the bad hair just gets worse. I rub a tiny bit between my fingers and twist it into my hair in sections, separating each strand so it gets a nice texture.”


Blake Lively