What’s All This Fuss About Cruise Season?

Cruise Season

The inter-season battle of the houses present their colossal Cruise 2020 shows at ancient palaces, jet-set runway locations and historic museums

Dior takes to Marrakech, Gucci reserves Rome’s Musei Capitolini, Prada stands for simplicity in NYC, Chanel decks out The Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées, Armani presents at Tokyo’s Ginza Tower, Max Mara bedazzles Berlin and Louis Vuitton metaphysically transports their guests at a once-abandoned TWA terminal at JFK Airport, a venue in line with their ‘80s-inspired retro themed apparel.


Cruise Season
Cruise Season
Cruise Season
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Cruise, Resort, Pre-Spring, “Holiday” — call them what you will, are all monikers for the same thing. They all describe the pre-collections that follow Fall/Winter collections once they are on sale. Brands have resorted (pun intended) to introduce more “Pre-X” collections, collaborations and bi annual fashion weeks for commercial necessity and in an effort to stay perpetually relevant. As Highs Nobiety puts it in their What The Hell Are Resort and Cruise Collections and Why Are They So Lucrative article “In today’s era of rampant consumption and crippled attention brands, no brand can rely on two seasonal collections a year to stay relevant”.

Resort wear is a thing amongst regular brands too though you’ll probably only experience them via look-books, the spotlight is of course always reserved for the bigger fashion houses who never cease to galvanise media attention as they fly out international press, celebrities, buyers and clients to far-flung locations such as Havana, Rio and even the Great Wall of China… go big or go home. A Business of Fashion report finds that luxury mega brands pour tens of millions of dollars into such elaborate spectacles while smaller labels are beginning to abandon Cruise shows altogether as they streamline their strategies so as to fold their pre-collections into their traditional Spring shows.


Do you think Cruise Shows are worth the extravaganza and investment? Let us know!