Fashion Trends and Behaviour Predictions || Post-Covid

Fashion Trends

There is not a shred of doubt that our post-Covid lives are going to look substantially different than pre-Covid.  Not necessarily worse or better, just different.  On both a consumer and manufacturer’s level, things will be tweaked.  These are our predictions, based on industry leader opinions and statistics.

It’s anyone’s guess what will eventually happen, but the world has become so much smaller in the past few months, and our uniqueness has diminished substantially.  All of a sudden the rich and poor fear the same indiscriminating disease.  With illnesses in the past, early testing has helped the affluent stay healthy, this is not true of Covid-19 which strikes at random.  Additionally our experiences look the same, regardless of where you come from.  We are all cooped up in a home, big or small, doesn’t really matter.  We are all trying to keep busy and upbeat, same across the board.  This leads us to believe that these industry predictions will hit us all in pretty much the same way.  The US will deal will post-Covid the same as Jordan.. This virus has united us and terrorized us, like nothing ever before.


1 || Fall 2020 Will Not Exist

Fashion Trends


The fashion world hit the pause button right after Fashion week in February/March.  Which basically means that the winter collections of clothing that were on show did not go into production.  So where does that leave stores in September?  With very few clothes for immediate sale that’s for sure.. A new normal will need to be put in place which will perhaps allow the industry to rethink how business is conducted.

We expect a couple of things to happen when it comes to shopping for winter clothing.. For the past decade or so, stores have been dropping their winter collections earlier and earlier.  Anyone that has shopped at Harrods on a blisteringly hot day at the end of July will have been inundated by an abnormally high number of cashmere coats for sale.  This will not be the case this year.. Winter collections will be delayed and for once they will become available once it gets chilly.  This does mean though that the discounts we were used to in October will not be as available as usual either.

Unfortunately, the capsule collections and one-off collaborations will be a distant memory.  Expect the basics from strong large companies.  It is a sad reality that many of the small emerging brands will not be able to withstand the effects of Covid-19, and will fold.


2 || Fashion Week Spring 2021 Will Look Different

Fashion Trends


Traditionally the fashion weeks for Spring 2021 will have been shown in the capitals of the world in September 2020.  It is highly unlikely that these shows will take place as usual, but the shows will go on.. A new normal will be established for showcasing the collections, most of them virtual.  The fashion world, creative as it is, will devise some out-of-the-box ways of celebrating fashion once again.  This change will even the playing field between established and emerging fashion.  With less money involved in the production of shows, it will be the creativity that shines through most not the size of the budget.  Add to that the power of social media, and we will be in for a pleasant surprise we hope, with genuine talent being the spotlight of the Spring 2021 virtual fashion weeks.


3 || Revenge Buying

Fashion Trends


The term revenge buying is real, and describes the act of splurging on purchases once consumers have the possibility of shopping again.  After the initial bout of revenge buying, things will change however.

I wish we could say that people will stop buying fast fashion because its bad for the environment, but human nature isn’t going to change that fast.. What has become abundantly clear is that the marketing machines that were having us buy heaps of clothing every few weeks will slow down substantially.  If you are to question why you buy a lot, the easiest answer is, because I can, and because there is something new to buy.  The industry’s slowdown (for technical reasons) will mean the slowing down of your spending.

Ask yourself what you have bought in the past few weeks, most likely essentials.  Brands are trying to rid themselves of stock by offering discounts on their current collections?  So why haven’t you jumped at the opportunity?  Well there is of course the issue of cash flow in times of uncertainty.  There is also the question of, where and when will I wear it? And also, in the back of your mind you know that there is nothing new coming.. That actually plays a factor in your purchasing, we subconsciously reach to buy something because we love it and know that if we don’t buy it now, its time will be up soon, and you will have missed out on enjoying it at its peak..


4 || Travel and Experiences

Fashion Trends


People will invest heavily in travel and experiences once this pandemic is reigned in.  Not just because we haven’t been able to fly in months, but also because the experiences we had pre-covid stayed with us the most during our days and months of incarceration.  The feelings associated with your recent travels gave you joy and solace much more than than any pair of new trainers could.

Add to that the fact that the current pandemic has made us that much closer to the global citizens of the world.  I don’t think you would have in your wildest dreams imagined following the Wuhan quarantine as closely.  Simply because what happened with them, will most likely happen to you.  So you long were they in quarantine for?  76 days to be exact.  The airports have now opened and we are teary-eyed in front of the television as the out-of-state health care workers bid farewell to the people of Wuhan.  The world has; over the course of this month become much more familiar than ever before.  This encourages us to reach out more, exploring our common humanity.


5 || Investment Pieces

Fashion Trends


People will continue to spend plenty of money on items.  The items that they choose however will serve them better than before.  We have all been guilty of splurging on items that mean little to us, just because of peer pressure.  Well peer pressure goes out the window when you stare at your useless purchases day-in and day-out of a long quarantine..  If anything, the post-Covid era will be of greater authenticity.  We know who we are more now, understand our needs better, and yes if your art pieces gave you much needed comfort and beauty during your time indoors, chances are you will buy more of them.

Another thing that probably crossed your mind during quarantine was liquidity… How long would it take to resell your big fat purchases?  There is a lot of comfort in knowing that if you had to, your items would bring you a pretty penny in a short period of time. We are predicting that purchases of expensive watches and collector’s items will spike after Covid as people choose to invest in things that they have always wanted, that have a good return on investment.


6 || Leisure Wear

Fashion Trends


Yes life will most certainly slow down after Covid, and we will find ourselves willingly spending more hours at home.  More people will opt to work from home, and others will opt to spend more hours at home.  Which means that we will be more willing to invest in leisure wear.  A new category of clothing was being minted right before Covid and we believe that it will flourish once the shops reopen.  Kim Kardashian’s Skims comes to mind, an affordable collection of robes and soft sweat suits that are ideal for a chic day indoors.  A slew of silk pajama companies also cropped up shortly before the start of the pandemic, and if we could bet on anything, it’s the number of home-grown leisure wear businesses being built as we speak in people’s living rooms.  These companies will most likely be reimagining the idea of leisure wear, giving it a slightly more formal edge, for those Zoom meetings during the day, and perhaps the evening house parties.  What I am personally most excited about is the possibility of luxury house slippers.  Something slightly sexier than my current grey fluffies…


7 || Pared Down

Fashion Trends


Regardless of what you choose to buy post-Covid, there will be one underlying theme, less is more.  No more stockpiling of Zara t-shirts, that’s for sure.  And it has less to do with money,  and more to do with respect.  Respect for our space, with the understanding that the more cluttered our personal environment, the more cluttered our head-space is.

Being in quarantine has made many things abundantly clear, one of them is what we actually need to survive, and it is very little.  This sparse living hasn’t filled us with remorse or regret, quite the contrary.. we feel lighter, there is more clarity and calm.

The fact that life will slow down, and it definitely will, simply because things didn’t collapse when we stopped rushing, deeming rushing unnecessary.

This slower state will give us more time to think, savor and appreciate all the purchases that we make.  The mad rush and sense of urgency associated with buying is; as we speak, dying a slow and painful death.

For a variety of reasons (as stated above), there will less products for sale, there will be fewer collection drops.  Items will not need to go on sale (to make room for new collections).  We will go back to the time when a maximum of two collections dropped per season and discounted at the end of the season, not before.  This new; or should we say old way will release us from that sense of panic… Things will not sell out, why should they? Fewer collections means less reason to discount earlier collections. A sense of calm will prevail, allowing us to make more sensible decisions.  Doesn’t sound so bad does it?