CIIN Offers White Bandanas At Les Createurs Libanais Exhibition || By Tania Naber

CIIN Offers White Bandanas

The White Bandana movement has been put in motion and it’s encouraging the whole global fashion community to join the #TiedTogether movement and express solidarity, human unity, inclusiveness and awareness.. And now the renown FFWD has joined the #TiedTogether movement in support of Business of Fashion.

And because to CIIN fashion goes beyond runways, style and the beauty of all things tangible it exhibits, it is rather a powerful form of showing how strongly it affects political turmoil…

If you are convinced enough you can be part of this movement.. How? Go ahead and tie a white bandana around your wrist, neck, head, ankle or handbag.. Then upload an image of your bandana to social media, tagging someone to show you are #TiedTogether as friends, family, neighbours . . . as humans.


Where To Get Your White Bandana?

CIIN is participating at the renown Les Createurs Libanais Exhibition with the coolest pop up shop.. Don’t miss out on CIIN’s exclusive White Bandana designs in collaboration with designer Tanya Naber..


The goal?

Is to reach a total of 10,000 #TiedTogether posts on Instagram this Fashion Month. For each #TiedTogether post, BoF’s donors and benefactors will pledge $5 to the #TiedTogether campaign for a target of $50,000. It’s this simple:

The more you post, the more money we raise together.