All The Fall Fashion Accessories That Command Your Attention || Straight From The Runways

Fall Fashion Accessories

You are literally on step away from donning the chicest Fall style.. What to look for when you’re digging the IT Fall accessories?  From earrings to necklaces, sunglasses and hair pins to belts and bracelets, this season more is more seems to be the trend. You’d be actually surprised that you own most of the above, it’s just smarter when you choose the finest and fall-appropriate pieces to incorporate into your outfits with an uber a la trend feel. Basically, take your cue from each item listed below and think BIG; chains should be heavily stacked rather than single, fur scarves should be fuzzy and larger than life, sunglasses eccentric and belts must deliver a statement! Scroll through to see all of the fearless accessories commanding attention on the runway.


1 || Colored Sunglasses

When it came to sunglasses, color ruled on every single runway. Solid and bold frames, tinted shades too must be your go to sunnies this Fall, don’t shy away from big size-d shades, as we mentioned before, this season more is more reigns!


Fall Fashion Accessories
Burberry || Versace


2 || Chunky Chains

Chains, chains and more chains are literally all over the place! Good news is, we all own them! However, this season dare to pair as many chains as your neck, wrists, ears or clothes can hold up… Silver, gold, transparent and chunky, chains are this season’s eye candy!


Fall Fashion Accessories
Alberta Ferretti || Balmain


3 || Pearls As Charms

When dainty meets charm, pearl embellished jewels are so in especially when they’re dripping from your chosen accessory.. You will find that big necklaces, bracelets, earrings are all incorporating pearls as charms.


Fall Fashion Accessories
Moschino || Charms


4 || McQueen Of Hearts

Spread the love and wear it as an attitude this Fall. Hearts of all designs, sizes and gems were offered at large on the runways. Especially at McQueen, what’s not to love, literally!


Fall Fashion Accessories
Dolce & Gabbana || Alexander McQueen


5 || Metallic And Woven

We loved metal accessories when they were sported in woven designs.. Big and chunky cuffs deliver an air of confidence and exude a solid statement. When woven, they become more of a clothing piece, tending to hug on your wrist -cuff love- or neck for a more comfortable fit..


Fall Fashion Accessories
Chanel || Chanel


6 || Pearls And Crystals

For this you can reach out to your mum’s jewelry box… Pearl and crystals merge again and combining both especially with neutral outfits is now trending.


Fall Fashion Accessories
Givenchy || Giambattista Valli


7  || Ponchos & Capes, And Gloves

Nothing beats accessories that warm our hearts.. This season, pair your oversized and cozy poncho with a pair of long leather gloves! No need to do color matching though, by far this is our favorite trend and we literally can’t wait for it to become chilly, if it ever will 😉


Fall Fashion Accessories
Balmain || Givenchy


8 || Leather And Rope Belts

Again, more is more and fearless-ness is the name of the game! Runways exhibited the big and wide belts over dresses, suits and vests; however, a good number were attached to knotted ropes and dangled as the perfect finish.. Some runways debuted to double belt trend as well..


Fall Fashion Accessories
Zimmermann || Marc Jacobs


9 || Enamel Jewelry

Colored jewels are not exclusive to gem stones. Surface jewel decoration, a.k.a. enamel is the IT feature that will distinguish your last year’s from this season’s new jewelry buys.. Ruby red, navy blue and royal green, bright yellows, black and coral colors are all trending hues when it comes to enamel..


Fall Fashion Accessories
Lanvin || Chloe


10 || Neck Ties And Necklaces

Neck silk scarves and chunky statement necklaces are a unique pair that will make you stand out through the crowd. Go ahead and wear your extensive collection of neck candy and enjoy the classy aura from within!


Fall Fashion Accessories
Moschino || Saint Laurent


11 || Chunky Knit/ Fur Scarves

Bottom line, whatever scarf you choose for warming purposes, make it larger than life, your head should literally defy sinking in whatever fabric or skin you choose. Fur, feather and heavily knitted scarves are a must this Fall..


Fall Fashion Accessories
Vera Wang || Simone Rocha