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The Biggest Jewelry Trends That Will Shape Summer 2021

Fashion jewelry is another aspect that has emerged with new trends straight from the runway.. This year – and probably the next decade- will be shaped by a newly-found audacity when it comes to the manner of approaching jewelry.. Be it the astrological pieces, the classic chain necklaces or the single statement earring.. All you need is a couple new investment pieces that will keep you satisfied and freshly accessorized while simultaneously looking fab!


1 || The Power Of Chains


Links and chains are all over the place. Good news is there’s a big chance you already own those classic pieces. Go ahead and flaunt them as they are everyday basics.. Stack your chain bracelets and wear with your watch, or look for the bulkiest necklace, wear it solo and make a statement..


2 || Would You Drop It?


Shoulder-grazing earrings have dominated 2021 runways. A great way to lift your outfits effortlessly. However, these statement pieces are not for faint-hearted as they are not only dropped, but huge as well. Try to match them with your white t-shirt and jeans outfit for a simple yet funky look. They will also look super with your evening slip dress.


3 || Rainbow Jewelry


A colorful necklaces or bracelets are all what your minimal outfits need to instantly transform from good to great. Adding a touch of color is super cool and match perfectly well with summer vibes.


4 || Abstract Metals


Jewelry doesn’t have to be smooth and fine all the time to look great. There is always a space for some boldness and drama. Oversized copper earrings and chokers in organic shapes have dominated the SS runways. When it comes to hammered metals, the more textured the piece, the more trendy it is. So as they say, go bold or go home.


5 || What Is Your Favorite Shape?


Figurative pieces like boat pendant or starfish, and heart-shaped earrings are all over the place this season. They are refreshing and will add an instant lift to your summer outfits. Another good part? they are personalized and will say a lot about you.


6 || The One And Only


Earrings are going solo this season once again. The single earring look gives you the chance to flaunt a statement-making piece without appearing overly accessorized.. Some designs offer mismatched earrings different in size and design, those fall under the same category..


7 || Missed Your Bangles?


Bangles are very much back!! We have seen them everywhere literally. Whether you choose to wear them with a matched pair or stack, or on their own you’re owning it. From metal to stones, the sky is the limit.


8 || Long Necklaces


We have missed long necklaces quite a bit considering the domination of chokers in the past few seasons. These can be layered beautifully or worn on their own, they will look great either way.