The White Bandana Movement || Because Fashion Is Politically Useful

White Bandana Movement

Last night the White Bandana movement has been put in motion and it’s encouraging the whole global fashion community to join the #TiedTogether movement and express solidarity, human unity, inclusiveness and awareness..

And because to CIIN fashion goes beyond runways, style and the beauty of all things tangible it exhibits, it is rather a powerful form of showing how strongly it affects political turmoil… Fashion speaks a universal language, and has always been a way to exude worldwide consciousness and condemning of judging by race, sexuality gender and religion.. Fashion is ultimately useful, and so far from being trivial or fickle..

Worldwide renown designer Tommy Hilfiger will be the first designer showcasing the white bandana in his L.A. runway today! The white bandana will be worn by press, celebrity guests and digital influencers attending the shows; and embraced by fans and followers of fashion around the world, as the next cycle of fashion weeks weaves its way from New York to London to Milan and Paris.

If you are convinced enough you can be part of this movement.. How? Go ahead and tie a white bandana around your wrist, neck, head or handbag.. After that upload an image of your bandana to social media.. Go ahead and tag someone or everyone to show that you are #TiedTogether as human beings.. Last but not least, register your support on the #tiedtogether website..

Happy bonding everyone!