Sep Jordan Has A Question For You || What Story Are You Wearing?

Sep Jordan-What Story Are You Wearing?

12 powerful images, 12 Entrepreneurs and Activists wearing with pride a hand-embroidered SEP Jordan creation..


For those of you who are still not familiar with SEP Jordan, here’s a little bio before introducing their latest campaign! is the Social Enterprise Project, where ethical fashion and lifestyle, meets philanthropy and business. Founded and headed by Roberta Ventura, a thirty-something sophisticated Italian woman who left a high-powered job in the corporate world to start her passion project. SEP in layman’s terms is a fantastically trendy fashion and lifestyle brand, that brings together the heritage of the Palestinian cross stitch and the luxury of Italian fashion.

In a sea of high-end brands, SEP creates and sells unique pieces which carry the emotions of the artist who embroiders them, rigorously deploying top quality materials and craftsmanship. The SEP team worked with Ogilvy-MEMAC to propose a new narrative, whereby you will ask, “WHAT STORY ARE YOU WEARING?” rather than “what BRAND are you wearing?”.

Elisa Sednaoui-Dellal, Bianca Balti, Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, Sirine Abu Ghazaleh, Selin Atlas, Hortense Decaux,Vicky Ngari Wilson, Scarlett Wilson, Corinna Linzas, Veronica De Piante, Johanna Maggy, Samia Johnson are all the women starring in SEP’s latest campaign..


What Story Are You Wearing? Instead Of What Brand Are You Wearing?

SEP’s most recent campaign is creating a new narrative, whereby people will wonder what story you’re telling rather than what label you’re wearing.. Stories of the garment creators; their journeys, tears, dreams and accomplishments in this life.. Portrayed in the most authentic of ways, SEP’s message is strongly delivered with black and white backgrounds, displaying the past, history of women refugees and their resilience, strength and ambition.. Whereby in the foreground, colorful images that speak for the present and future for the artists and their community.. That connection between what SEP Jordan stands for and all of their entrepreneurs and social activists..

Today we are proudly featuring two of the most loved women at CIIN, ladies making a difference when it comes to women empowerment, growing small businesses, facing the many obstacles that are challenging them and ultimately raising their voice!


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