Ashi Studio to Launch Loungewear Line on E-Commerce Platform

Ashi Studio loungewear

As the world looks on in bewilderment, behaviours differ.  There are those that are waiting for the storm to pass..looking forward to a resumption of our past lives.. Then there are those that have picked up the pieces of their pre-COVID era and started to piece them back together..just differently.  Ashi of Ashi Studio is arguably one of the most talented couture designers to venture out of the Arab world.  The part Saudi, part Russian designer has been credited with raising the couture bar internationally, his masterpieces heavily sought after by celebrities and socialites alike.  One of the arenas sure to take a beating in the near future is couture, not one to sit and watch, Ashi took to his proverbial sketch book, dreaming up an answer to the multi-billion dollar question..what next?

Loungewear has been in the cards at Ashi Studio for some time now, three years to be exact.  It would be safe to assume that the circumstances under which the loungewear would be launched, have come as a complete surprise.  Rolling with the blows, going with the flow, Ashi Studio chose to launch their unisex luxury loungewear collection on their newly minted e-commerce platform.  On May 11th Ashi Studio loungewear will be available for the picking, and we’re guessing these beauties won’t last long.


Ashi Studio loungewear


The unisex collection’s offerings include deliciously soft cashmere mix and match tops and bottoms, heavenly silks in the form of long robes and pajama sets,  The 1950’s inspired loungewear collection – made of the highest quality materials (made in Italy and produced in Florence)- truly captures the elegant and luxurious spirit of the brand and is a new approach to the luxury of couture.


Ashi Studio loungewear


The loungewear line, the first of a variety of products to launch on the e-commerce site, was celebrated with a photoshoot and video by famed South-African model Georgina Grenville.  Best known perhaps as the original Gucci girl, the photoshoot took place at her Paris home during the current quarantine, and reflects a glamorized version of the lazy days of lockdown that we are all experiencing.  Leave it to Ashi to churn out a couture version of quarantine.  There is a real thirst for authentic beauty, and Ashi dishes it out like only he can.  The prose, as smooth as the silk worn on set, was written by Ashi himself, and is beautifully narrated in the raspy voice of Grenville.


Ashi Studio loungewear


The price range for the pieces; given their luxurious nature is well-priced at anywhere between 350-500 Euros.  A portion of proceeds will be donated to charities around the world that are helping families affected by COVID-19.


Director of Photography/ Videographer : Cheyne Tillier-Daly | @cheynetd

Styling: Gaultier Desandre Navarre | @gaultier_comme_jeanpaul

Production: WEIRD/FISHES/STUDIO | @weird_fishes_studio

Director/ Photographer: Thibault-Théodore | @thibault_theodore_babin

Model Agency: Next Management | @ nextmodels

Model: Georgina Greenville | @georginagrenville

Creative Concept: Ashi | @ashistudi