Sarah Beydoun of Sarah’s Bag Wins Oslo Business For Peace Award

Sarah Beydoun

Sarah Bedouin, the founder of Sarah’s Bag has been honored with the 2016 Oslo Business for Peace Award. As a designer with a strong social conscience, who began Sarah’s Bag as a women’s rehabilitation project, this is an incredible step for Sarah and her team.

Sarah was one of the first designers in Lebanon to bring Middle Eastern pop culture into the mainstream, and revive and reinvent the region’s rich traditions of craftsmanship, embroidery, crocheting and textile making.


Sarah Beydoun


Beydoun is the first Lebanese woman and the first recipient from the fashion industry to be awarded this honor. The Oslo Business for Peace Award is given annually to “individuals who exemplify the concept of being ‘business worthy’, this is applying one’s energy ethically and responsibly to create value for society.”


Iam truly honored to receive this award ; it means so much to me and to all Sarah’s Bag team.  With this prize, we are proving that Arab women can be innovative in busi-ness while having a positive impact on society. It is also recognition for the social en-terprise model this is at the heart of what Sarah’s Bag is about.” Sarah Beydoun.