What’s The Big Deal About Black Friday Anyway?

Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us, well that is in a couple of weeks time.. Brace yourselves for the greatest shopping day of the year with sales reaching up to 70% off at times. As millions of Americans gear themselves up for this annual event us too in Amman should be doing the same. In fact, its a weekend of sales, and if the term Cyber Monday gets you confused…so were we. Cyber Monday is the official Black Friday of e-commerce, but over time, the two have merged to make for a pretty substantial weekend of bargains.

Although not all of us will be rushing to place gifts under the proverbial Christmas tree this holiday season, this is still a great time of the year to get in on some super savings. These are the reasons why we are getting our surfing shoes out for this shopper’s paradise of a weekend.

1 || The Stuff Hasn’t Been Picked Over Yet

Technically speaking this is the first real winter sale, and judging by the temperature in Amman today a cheerful, yet startlingly warm 18 degrees Celsius which means that winter hasn’t even started. Think about all the wear you could get out of all your discounted items.

We usually associate sales with almost-end-of-season so we always proceed with caution. This is actually different you might actually need this stuff for the coming four months.

Black Friday

2 || Bringing It Over Becomes So Much More Affordable

Im not saying your final shopping bill will be less, we do tend to spoil ourselves when we see a good deal, BUT with the sales on, bringing items to Amman becomes less expensive. We at CIIN are big fans of Klick&shop services. They really take the guess work out of shipping and customs etc and it’s honestly one less thing to worry about. Nothing comes for free and we willingly pay them their dues with a huge smile on our faces. Now with Black Friday and Cyber Monday bringing items back to Amman becomes even more affordable.

Black Friday

3 || So How Should We Go About It ?

Klick & shop‘s Rania Ibrahim kindly shared with CIIN 5 tips on how best to get our shopping done on this super busy weekend. Yes, we know what you’re thinking…’why is she giving away her secrets if she wants our business’. That’s the sort of person she is, super cool. Anyway, the video is a must watch, and we know we aren’t the millions of Americans lined up outside Best Buy at 5am on a snowy Chicago morning, but we would personally still give the job over to Rania and have a bit more confidence that ‘everything is going to be fine!’.

Black Friday

4 || What to Get

You can buy anything you want, all that your heart desires but because there is no time to waste you really need to get your act together at least 3 days ahead of time. School-girl style, you need to sit down, copy down the links you like and hope to God things work out for you on Friday.

I am not much of an adventurer, too much of a control freak I guess… And lack of predictability is not something I find ‘exciting’. I use Black Friday to stock up on things that I can’t live without. In my opinion there are a few things that fall into this category, underwear, jeans, sports leggings and tights. What is required of these products is absolute comfort but unfortunately you can’t tell in the darn fitting room. You need to live in them, you need to have a relationship with them, then you know whether or not your will have them in your life. Which leaves us in a tricky predicament, because we only bought one! As the other few (not so successful purchases) are renegaded to the back of your drawers its the same pair that you end up pulling out almost every time. These are the things you need to order this weekend!!!!!!!

Black Friday