True Friend

True Friend

I have spent the past three weeks in my new best friends; my black yoga pants. They are there for me whenever I need them. I wear them with tennis shoes for an athleisure look, take them to yoga and tuck them into my knee high boots for a dose of chic.

They are stretchy and so don’t judge me, they just go with the flow …

What more could you ask for in a best friend ?

I decided to put my jeans on this morning, and I was shocked. They were almost talking to me.

‘Tut tut tut, your thighs are a bit bigger, see how the side seams are pulling.’ I nod in confusion.

‘Don’t worry, your waist hasn’t changed, no muffin top, and the zip isn’t gaping or anything. ‘

‘Perhaps it’s all the squats and lunges? ‘ I question.

‘Don’t think so,’ replies my pair of jeans, ‘it’s pulling at the hips, and not further down.’

‘How about my butt ?’ I turn around and look in the mirror.

‘Looking good’, the stitching on my back pockets reply, and smile back at me.

Now that’s a true friend.


True Friend