Alexa Chung || The First Collection Was Selfish

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung thinks her first fashion line was “selfish”.

The British style icon has collaborated with US denim label AG on her Alexa Chung for AG collection. She has just launched her second set of designs and hopes that this time around she’s been more open to other people’s desires.

“The first collection was selfish,” she told British newspaper The Telegraph’s Stella magazine. “I wanted all those things myself, but lots of people said, ‘Can’t you do something that I can wear?’ Like, ‘Oh, for God’s sake, grow up, Alexa.’ I really wanted this skirt [A-line in a 1970s style] and little blouses. I do like a blouse.”

While the 31-year-old is working with an American label, she can’t stop herself from adding very English components to her designs. While it was meant to be inspired by American things, Alexa jokes that she keeps adding corduroy.


Alexa Chung


“I just can’t help myself. Even if I’m in California trying to do a girl-gang collection, I want to make things that are weather appropriate [for the UK],” she said. “I can’t throw caution to the wind without putting a cagoule on.”

However, Alexa loves the experience of coming up with and creating her own designs. The star admits that it is all leading to her own standalone label although no date has been given for when it will happen.

“It seems scary. But everything else has been scary, in hindsight. It’s just that I didn’t have time to think about it,” she explained. “I need to revisit that attitude and get on with it. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, I’ve realised. You can learn as you go.”


Alexa Chung