8 Sustainable Fashion Brands You Need To Know About

The word “sustainable” is not new to the fashion world. However, when we used to say “sustainable” before, unflattering and suspiciously scratchy styles came to mind. Thanks to some brands, eco-friendly clothing plays a major role in the fashion game. There are plenty of ways to make our wardrobes more planet-friendly such as exchanging clothes with friends, investing in timeless, transitional pieces or going for brands that allow you to recycle your well-loved clothes after you have enjoyed them for a good time.

Another great way is to shop wisely from the greatest sustainable labels out there. We have gathered you some of the best ones for your next eco-friendly purchases.


1 || Musier Paris


2 || Mother of Pearl


3 || FARM Rio


4 || Lacausa Clothing


5 || Reformation


6 || KITX


7 || Olivia Rose The Label 


8 || Live The Process