Karen Wazen Launches Namesake Eyewear Collection


Just dropped!

Entrepreneurial influencer Karen Wazen has just announced on her Instagram page the launch of her eyewear brand! Expressing extreme excitement and emotion, Karen’s sunglasses line is in fact epic!

Eyewear obsessed, Karen explains where her affinity to eyewear rooted from..


As a young girl, I was always self-conscious of my eyes,” says Karen Wazen of what is undoubtedly one of her standout features. “Eyewear was always an easy and convenient way to cover them. I remember loving all kinds of glasses – reading glasses, sunglasses of all colors, and especially statement styles in interesting shapes.



The idea of an eyewear brand came during a brainstorming session with her sister – footwear designer- Andrea Wazen.. While shopping online for a new pair of shades, Andrea proposed the idea of Karen creating her own brand..


The mother of three added, “I knew absolutely nothing about creating a brand,”. However, her prominent influencer status was a major drive for her brand.. Showing up during multiple fashion weeks as well as her collaboration with different designers, she became one of the few influencers who connected brands with her audience of more than 760 000 followers in ways that are both relatable and aspirational.

“I didn’t want to create a business for the sake of it. I wanted to create an extension of me,” says Wazen of her endeavor. “If you look at the way I dress – my style, my profile – eyewear is definitely something that stands out. I’ve always had an affinity to eyewear, an emotional connection.”

Karen Wazen’s eyewear is intended to be worn as an expressive form of fashion – one that is adaptable and playful. The first line of five styles comes in acetate and stainless steel and in an array of colors, from neon to tortoiseshell. The lenses offer UV protection and are produced in Hong Kong. Shapes range from retro classic cat-eye through to the futuristic.


“Eyewear is such an expressive form of fashion, so adaptable and playful, this line is genuinely for everyone,” says Wazen. “I hope anyone who looks at the range will be able to find their own favorite style.”
Shop your favorite shades through Karen Wazen’s website..