12 Great Lingerie Brands To All Women Out there

In the fashion world, nothing stays the same. Gone the time where the Victoria Secret model’s body was the dream of each and every girl.

Now the fashion world’s standards have changed to embrace the beauty in all its shapes, regardless of size, color, and kind. For that, the vision of the new lingerie brands has changed too.

Read below for the best intimates brands to all women out there.


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In 2017, Shiara Robinson, the founder of the label decided to change the idea of lingerie only symbolizing sexiness for intimate activities, being reserved for special occasions, and/or designed to be hidden. So LaSette happened.

A Great lingerie brand that you can wear to work for back to back meetings, mix, match and layer with your favorite pieces to create the perfect “meeting up for drinks” look, drop it like it’s hot at the club, or wear around the house. Designed for day to night lifestyles, inspired by the designer life in New York City over the past 6 years.



2 || Dora Larsen

Georgia Larsen launched her brand in 2016 after she got tired of buying fashionable bras that felt uncomfortable. She combined her technical expertise in lingerie with her love of design and set up her own brand. She took fit as her starting point, and color as her inspiration, the result was a curated collection of everyday, contemporary designed lingerie.

Now she’s running the brand alongside her husband and their small team in Bermondsey, London. Their vision is to put value before profit, this is why they are working on reaching a point where all their pieces are made of 100% recycled, natural, and organic fabrics and materials.



3 || Lonely

Lonely label celebrates women of every age, size, color, and shape. You’ll fall in love with their simple and chic designs that fit us all. Alongside lingerie, the brand offers swimwear, clothing, and even fragrance lines.



4 || The Nude Label

The minds behind the label decided to create it while they were living in London, inspired by its multiculturism. But They put into work when they got back to Valencia, Spain. Located by the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by mountains, the relaxed and easy-going lifestyle is the key in their designs.

The Nude Label offers sustainable pieces that can be worn by any woman, not just the perfectly shaped ones.



5 || Moons & Junes

The brand Moons & Junes has been launched to offer you a good looking intimates that fit your body and needs. Their detailed and high-quality pieces work to accentuate your best features regardless of your size or body shape.



6 || Silent Arrow

Mashing slinky fabrics with cult cuts and an edgy, high fashion aesthetic Silent Arrow is lingerie for women who are unafraid to be seen. Founded by lingerie designer Kelly Barrett to put an end to the idea of sacrificing comfy for hotness. They offer bold pieces using flexible, high-quality microfibre and soft, flirty mesh. 



7 || Rossell England

The first bra was created from a personal desire by Jo Rossell in 2016. Her goal was to create the ultimate bra that was non wired but supportive and made from natural fibers that are comforting on the skin.

Each item is meticulously designed and tested to ensure the fit, proportion, comfort, and style is right. The product is skillfully produced in a specialist lingerie factory based in Portugal. Their fabrics are sourced from fabric mills in Italy and Ireland and are OEKOTEX and REACH certified.

With her background in women’s ready-to-wear design, Jo has worked for Calvin Klein and Narcisco Rodriguez in New York and Margaret Howell in London. This foundation combined with Jo’s three-dimensional approach to design gives the brand a fresh and unique style.


Lingerie Brands


8 || Fleur of England

A sustainable brand that offers high-quality pieces that are designed to last. Their lingerie combines expert craftsmanship with timeless design to ensure their pieces stand the test of time and can be cherished for years to come.



9 || Beija London

Beija London is the initiative of sisters Abbie Miranda and Mazie Fisher. They believe that your cup size shouldn’t dictate how you shop for lingerie. Great design belongs to everyone, every day. They offer amazing designs with three unique sizing categories. If you love clean and simple styles then this brand is for you.



10 || Gooseberry Intimates

Created in 2012, Gooseberry is a French irresistible lingerie label with daring details and the right amount of sass. Gooseberry allows you to feel as pretty, gorgeous & beautiful as you are!  you’ll love their delicate lines & its divine details. Chic styles & soft laces are the foundation of their designs.



11 || Nette Rose

Nette Rose is a brand for the wild woman with a gentle soul, who sways to her own rhythm, and dresses for herself. Meg, the founder of the brand inspired its name from her two grandmothers that encouraged her to get into the fashion and sewing. You won’t get enough of their colorful, feminine, and detailed designs.



12 || Underprotection

Found in 2010, underprotection is a sustainable brand with a great goal! Their purpose is to create underwear styles that make you feel fabulous, loungewear you want to wear all week, and swimwear that makes you dream about vacation and summer. They want to make a difference by giving their customers the possibility to combine ethics and aesthetics when shopping. Their designs will make you feel beautiful, comfortable, and unique regardless of your kind or size.