No More Exotic Skins At Chanel

No More Exotic Skins At Chanel

It’s official, Chanel is banning the use of exotic skins in its products and we still don’t know how to feel about that! Ahead of the high end brand’s Pre-Fall Metiers d’Art show taking place in New York this evening the French house announced this ethics-related piece of news..

That includes crocodile, lizard, snake and galuchat, which comes from the skin of sharks and stingrays.The brand would also cease the use of fur, following suit of a number of other brands like Gucci, Versace, Burberry, Michael Kors, and Maison Margiela whom have all vowed to go fur-free.. Although fur was minimally used in Chanel’s products.. The reason behind this decision is the difficulty in finding sources that match ethical standards.. In place of these animal products, Chanel will reportedly turn to fabric and leathers generated by the “agri-food” industry.

“This is a decision which provides an opportunity to create a new generation of high-end products that respect our fundamentals: the exceptional creativity of our Creative Studio, our expertise, our standards of excellence, noble and innovative materials and exceptional finish,” Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s president of fashion stated.

This means that existing Chanel exotic leather goods will become all the more rare and likely valuable on the resale market.

Below, feast your eyes with what could be a last glimpse to Chanel’s beautiful exotic creations that will no longer be available!


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