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Last Tuesday October 1st marked the day where the Beauty CIIN dared to be different, dared to stand out, to be one with a voice and shine! A collaboration like no other took place at my beloved second home; Villa CIIN.. It was the day that Dermapro Beirut came to Jordan, offering an unparalleled beauty galore that is the essence of what CIIN believes in; always bringing to the table unprecedented concepts, unique advice and last but least a wealth of beauty guidance..

Dermapro Beirut is the leading anti-aging health clinic in Lebanon and one of the prominent health centers in the Middle East. A medical center committed to the care and improvement of human life. Always striving to deliver a complete range of high quality medical and wellness solutions to individuals of all ages which stems from the understanding of the complex interactions of body, mind and soul as one. Supervised by certified professionals, Dr. Gisele Al-Koussa  from Dermapro flew in to bring to life an event that was sold out before we knew it and turned out to be a huge success..




Dr. Gisele Al Koussa is a pharmacist and cosmetologist at Dermapro,  She has more than seven years of experience in the field, providing counseling and consultations to clients all over the region. Gisele is also the official trainer of Mesoestetic. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Saint Joseph University in Beirut. In 2019, she launched her own cosmetics line, G Cream, a hand cream.

Having been the head Of Editorial/ Beauty Editor at CIIN Magazine for the past 4 years, I cannot but express my gratitude to the one person who believed in me and saw my potential, my Sue. Suhad Shtayyeh is the brilliant founder of CIIN Magazine, which matured into a lifestyle.. Loved and followed by thousands, CIIN is guided by Suhad’s longterm vision and perseverance. One proof is our first visit to Dermapro a year ago, that’s when we knew we must expand our unlimited and forever abundant beauty content and share it with people who believe in us and have the appetite to everything new and authentic..

The beautiful Dr. Gisele delivered a fantastic presentation about anti-aging and skincare tips and routines.. Our audience where all eyes and ears to what she had to say.. Interaction with the crowd was a great part of our event.. Everyone, including the CIIN team had a lot to learn, being introduced to the latest and most recent scientifically proven techniques, treatments, products and tips was followed by a session of product testing and a happily satisfied crowd of Amman’s beautiful ladies..


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Below I will be offering what we all absorbed, a 2 hour event summarized in these 10 tips Dr. Gisele had to share…

1 || Anti-aging is the natural and ongoing process which begins the second we are born. Many factors speed up the process while others slow it down. Focus on healthy and mindful eating is key.. Protection from sun damage, pollution, environmental triggers is crucial to longevity.. Aging is the impact of time on the human body it occurs on

cellular aging, hormonal aging, accumulated damage and metabolic aging.


2 || SPF explained. Your chosen sunscreen must contain certain formulas and protect you from UVA, UVB, IR and HEV. Reapplication is almost more important that the sole idea of applying sunblock. Sunscreen must be applied daily, nightly, outdoors, indoors and most importantly when you’re in a plane, your skin will be a lot more vulnerable to the bad UVA and UVB rays when you’re on a higher altitude..


3 || the most preferred daily skincare routine consists of washing your face, toner, hydrating cream,


4 || Hyper-pigmentation and melasma issues where discussed as well.. Main triggers other than unprotected sun exposure are shocking, steam while opening a pot cover and blows on our faces is enough to create a hyper-pigmentation episode….etc


5 || The Genesis facial was presented and discussed. The machine performed by a pro is used to treat dryness, rosacea, lifting issues and much more.. An enviable glow afterwards is guaranteed. The intelligent fusion of 4 technologies guarantees spectacular, long-lasting results effectively and painlessly.

Eliana Beauty Center in Abdoun offers the Genesis treatments for women who would like to experience the luxury..

CIIN offers all its readers and followers a promo code which is ELIANAXCIIN for a chance to get their free extra lash extension offer as a gift from Eliana’s upon booking their Genesis appointment..


6 || Oligoscan was discussed as well. A test that determines what’s your bodily tissue is mainly consisted from. Tests for vitamins, minerals, heavy metals and much more..


7 || The importance of exercise..


8 || The best collagen supplements come in the from of powders, liquids and gels. Choo’s one with Hyaluronic Acid..


9 || The G Cream, Dr. Gisele’s first of a series of future products. It contains all the nutrition and moisturizing agents that is not greasy nor strongly scented.. A must buy!


10|| Gut health was discussed. Probiotics are vital for a healthy digestive tract.


11|| Pores were analyzed. Best options on how to treat them. Such as glycol acid..


12|| Fight aging with these 5 tips; Healthy lifestyle and routine (Don’t smoke, sleep, eat well), Supplementation, exercise, water, creams, machines..


13||Hyper-pigmentation is a natural mechanism of the skin to protect itself from UV radiation, Many factors, both external and internal, affect melanin production:

Sun exposure

Genetic tendency

Hormonal changes

Inflammatory processes

Photosensitising medication

Exposure to chemical agents


14|| The most preferred skincare routine:

Facial cleanser



Hydrating cream


Eye contour

Scrubbing and masks once per week

Facials: 1 every 6 to 8 weeks