Reasons Why You Should Wear Your Denim Now || If You Haven’t Done So Yet!

Should Wear Your Denim

That dreaded moment we have all been steering away from since March. Besides the fact that our short-lived past and still ongoing present was culprit to how disastrous this moment might turn out to be, we are not to blame for the outcome. However, deep inside we know this big reveal is basically indicative of how we’ve been physically and nutritionally behaving for the past 2 months.. That moment, when you decide to pull up the most dominant member of your wardrobe, your denim..

To begin with, let’s all take a deep breathe and release, no one said this is going to be easy. The daily act of getting dressed up is supposed to define your day, give purpose and structure to it, which was not the case for a while. Most of us -if not all- got used to snuggling in home-specific clothes; a department of wardrobes that knows no zippers, tight-fitting or non-stretchy garments at all. Meaning, any item which falls under the above description was out of the question whenever we reached out for an outfit during lockdown.. One of the most hilarious and relatable tweets spotted on the net was this one;


wearing jeans during lockdown be like a goddamn first class passenger on the titanic


Below, answers to why we must all embrace wearing our jeans right now!


1 || The Weight Fluctuation Check

Let’s all admit it, we have been basking in loose-fitting clothes for the longest time consecutively since God knows when, wait; since the beginning of lockdown. We were simply unaware of our progressive weight gain. It did not happen overnight, neither was it a weekend binging result. This weight that most of us have gained had a creeping effect, slowly yet surely.  Now is the time to start considering slipping into your favorite jeans and well, see if they do..


Should Wear Your Denim


2 || The Tummy Check

Let’s go back to the normal days, fitting into your jeans or dress involved other elements way beyond putting on something that’s solely your size. Meaning, it involved stuff like wearing belts, sucking in the stomach and inhaling-exhaling to get the job done. These acts in fact all make use of your abdomen muscles, now, whether you have been exercising or not, those muscles took a long break, loosened as there was no continuous reminder of working them. Posture and the way you look/ carry yourself all need some added effort which, unfortunately, we have been freed from for quite a while.


3 || Because Motivation Matters

Remember what we once referred to as ‘goal weight clothes’. The pieces of clothing that we forever hold on to as a motivation for us to keep a watch on our activity level or calorie intake? This concept is in fact one surefire way of keeping track of our weight. Moreover, it elevates our mood and mindset, and can get us mentally prepared while visualizing  the time and day when we’ll will be wearing it.

Bottom line is, we’re all somehow still limited to the boundaries of our homes, our advice is to give the above a shot. Getting dressed in your favorite denim means more than just that, it might be just what you need to break out or breakthrough this current pandemic standing in our way. So, will you be reaching out for your sweatpants again?