Bouchra Jarrar

Bouchra Jarrar

Season after season, Bouchra Jarrar’s atelier becomes more and more packed with admirers and clients. Her slow-cooked rise to fame in the fashion industry is impressive, her stubborn vision of luxe without the fuss, does not falter. Churning out beautiful practical wear that her growing fans can’t wait to get their hands on.

Jarrar showed her collection on October 1 at her atelier, an intimate affair. The same day as Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain show at the Intercontinental. A presentation so highly anticipated that the police were forced to close off the street.

This is the sort of competition that Bouchra is up against, her pieces in the same price bracket, hanging in close proximity to other top designers such as Balmain.

The truth of the matter is, her sales could potentially outsell those of Balmain, her practical luxe a hard to find commodity for real life.

Taking a closer look at the woman behind the label…


Bouchra Jarrar


Her Design DNA…

If you are thinking of Oriental kaftans reimagined by a Moroccan in Paris, think again. Bouchra is a minimalist, her trademark tailored pieces speak of luxury and precision. The only tell tale sign of her ancestry is her name, which she proudly uses for her label.


If You Could Own One Piece From Her Collection…

The motorcycle jacket has been reinvented by Bouchra Jarrar, becoming her most recognized statement piece. She plays with the textures and materials, creating variations on her marvelously sculpted jacket. This is the piece you need to own, first…


Bouchra Jarrar


Three Words To Describe Bouchra …

Reserved, Practical and Passionate

Bouchra is not interested in the circus of fashion, preferring to focus on her trade. She is shy by nature, her glittering eyes doing most of the talking for her. There is little known about the Parisian designer’s personal life, what is know is her passionate vision for her label. Unfazed by other fashion labels thirst for recognition and personal fame, this designer’s eye is steadily fixed on her work.


What Was It Like Growing Up As Bouchra…

Jarrar, was raised in Cannes by parents from the ancient Moroccan city of Fez. She always knew she loved clothes, often choosing to sew while other children played. But she didn’t realise that designing clothes for a living was a possibility until, as a teenager, she saw an Yves Saint Laurent runway show on television. “When I saw that Yves Saint Laurent show on TV, I understood that that which I loved the most could be my profession.”


Bouchra Jarrar


How Did She Start Out In Fashion…

It all started when Bouchra landed a job at Balenciaga, which at the time was struggling to shed it’s old skin. Jarrar was in her mid-twenties when newly appointed head designer Nicolas Ghesquière asked her to be his studio director. “I said, ‘Oui, I can,'” she recalled, embarking, alongside Ghesquière, on what would be one of the most spectacular reinventions in fashion history: transforming Balenciaga from a dormant French womenswear label into the world’s most forward-thinking luxury fashion house.


Her Greatest Lesson In Fashion … So Far

After 10 years at Balenciaga, Jarrar became the head of couture at Christian Lacroix, helping the legendary couturier produce his final collection before losing his house to insolvency in 2009. “After that, I had seen first-hand how a house was born out of almost nothing [Balenciaga], and how another one died after once having been everything [Lacroix],” recalled Jarrar. “I told myself, my education is now complete. I was ready to start my own story, and decided to launch my brand and take things step by step, placing quality at the center, surrounded by an efficient, functioning company.”


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