Interview Magazine Celebrates The Selfie Craze

Selfie Craze

To celebrate the social media craze, the publication asked some of the world’s biggest celebrities to take a picture of themselves for a variety of front pages.

Among them is the 57-year-old mega star, who shot a snap of herself with pigtails looking up at the camera. Editorial director Fabien Baron found it fascinating to see how people’s contributions varied, with Madonna’s one of the most relaxed.

“You really understand what people are about,” he explained to WWD, adding that while some were highly produced, others were “raw.”

“It’s interesting for Madonna because she didn’t give a sh*t.”

According to Fabien, the singer simply took a few quick selfies between rehearsals on tour.

Also starring on the eight covers for September are Miley Cyrus, Zayn Malik, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Mert Alas, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez.


Selfie Craze


“We just asked people to imagine their ultimate self portraits – whether it was highly produced or a simple selfie,” Interview editor-in-chief Keith Pollock revealed. “We wanted to see how they see themselves and how they want to be seen. We allowed each subject to imagine their own shoots.”

There’s also a portfolio inside the magazine that features selfies from 150 other personalities.

Despite Interview being founded by Andy Warhol back in 1969, Keith and Fabien believe the late artist would approve of the very modern theme.

“We are conscious of our heritage. Andy did selfies 50 years ago. He’d be doing selfies if he were alive today,” they said.