Sephora Lays Off Tens Of Thousands of Its Employees Due To Pandemic


In efforts to minimize the spread of the corona pandemic, Sephora; the cosmetic giant has suspended its on-site makeup services last month.. Sephora also announced on Wednesday it will temporary close all stores in Australia beginning April 2, until further notice , however, their online services continue to operate..


The health, safety and well-being of our staff members, our clients and the greater Australian public are of the utmost importance to us, and so today, we have chosen to take our social distancing and ‘no-touch’ policies even further with the temporary closure of our retail stores,’ the company said in a statement.


Joining other retail companies, Sephora has become yet another victim of the COVID19 fallout. This has left tens of thousands of Australians unemployed as stores shut their doors.

As for the U.S.-based Sephora, stores remained closed, and as a result, the company has also laid off some of its part-time and seasonal employees.  9,000 U.S. store workers are being paid and receiving health benefits through late May or when stores reopen, the company said. Major changes to business were expected, and the terminated employees are to receive severance, the company said.

In Canada, stores will also remain closed, and workers are being paid 80 percent of their base pay, plus health benefits.

The company’s e-commerce site remains operational, but social distancing requirements and safety precautions mean some customers are experiencing delays.