New On Our Radar || Check Out These Esteemed Emerging Designers

Emerging Designers

Some memorable contestants from both Fashion Trust Arabia and Jordan Fashion Week 2019


1 || Salim Azzam

A Fashion Trust Arabia winner of the ‘Ready-to-wear’ prize. Azzam creates beautiful socially conscious hand-crafted pieces featuring endearing embroidered shirts inspired by local traditions and made by the women of Mount Lebanon. The unique crisp white shirts and shirt dresses are coupled with sweet designs of swallows, olive branches, orange trees and regional flora and fauna.


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2 || Liudmila

Emerging Designers


Drama shoes for everyday life’, founded in Kuwait by Najeeba Hayat in 2013 and made in Italy. Collections are inspired by magical childhood imagination, cartoon heroines, whimsical fantasy and desire all the while respecting a woman’s mobility. Be sure to browse their iconic ‘Peranotoriana’ collection AW15/16, a fusion of Victorian typologies and fanciful details inspired by the Malaysian Peranakan tradition, as well as their SS16 collection inspired by the Indian Nizams of Hyderabad and Pre-Spring ’17 collection playing on the recurring theme of Dickensian Victorian era showcasing the brand’s signature elements. The Collections come with beautiful dreamy narrations of the starting points from which the brand’s founder Najeeba Hayat draws her inspiration.


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3 || Sabry Marouf

Sabry Marouf


Winners of the handbag category, founders and designers Ahmed Sabry & Daki Marouf are the duo behind the brand working in leather goods and jewellery based both in Cairo and London. The creative partnership pays tribute to their Egyptian heritage, combining the ancient with modernity of expression as they create iconic bags made out of reclaimed wood and coloured plexiglass in shapes inspired inspired by Ancient Egyptian headdresses, the symbolic Djed pillar and the Scarab beetle amulet, once popular impression seals in Ancient Egypt. “The notion of timeless, cherished objects distinguishes their philosophy. Like treasures from a royal tomb, Sabry Marouf pieces have a feeling of being discovered, beguiling and coded, their shape may come from an inverted mask, hieroglyph or the fortuitous scarab, an emblem of renewal and protection”.

These sculptural minaudière and designs are works of art in the truest sense! “Totems in their wearer’s story, our creations serve as a reminder of their provenance”


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4 || Poise Design

Poise Design


A finalist brand from the Fashion Trust Arabia shoe category. Poise shoes are the brainchild of Lebanese designer Emma Boutros. Always stylish, Poise Design aims to combine high end leathers and handmade textiles with flawless stitching and sophisticated embroidery, resulting in unique luxurious designs. Their iconic bridal line of bespoke ballerina flats and heels focuses on “providing each bride-to-be with a pampered, tailor-made experience as you sit down with a team or experts and go through each element of your dream wedding shoes; from the neutral-coloured rich textiles and soft floral elements made of luxurious fabric, to the delicate hand-sticking and exquisite embroidery. The result is striking, perfectly fitting haute couture creation that reflects your personality, brings out your style and steals its fair share of the limelight throughout your captivating evening.”

Also worn and loved by Jasmine Sanders and Cardi B!


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5 || Hamza Guelmouss

Hamza Guelmouss


An edgy young Moroccan emerging designer. A Fashion Trust Arabic finalist, Guelmouss combines a downtown grungy androgynous yet luxurious flair with a fetish for black and leather. Browse his Fall 2019/2020 ‘Underneath the Bridge’ collection. Following the likes of Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto and Ann Demelemeester, Guelmouss’s personal heroes.


ciin02041905-38-Emerging Designers
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6 || Karim Adduchi

Karim Adduchi 


Another Fashion Trust Awards finalist and on the Forbes Middle East & Forbes Under 30 list, fashion designer Adduchi’s collections are inspired by his Moroccan heritage whilst aiming to tell the stories of his people through his designs, adding a social aspect to the production process. Adduchi’s striking collection entitled “She Knows Why the Caged Bird Sings” was an unforgettable show to audiences, as were his 2nd and 3rd collections “She Lives Behind the Court Yard Door” (the opening show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week) and “She Has 99 Names” respectively. For his latest project, Adduchi sought the help of non-professional everyday people: housewives, refugees and students, in an effort to reinstate a fresh innocence and authenticity to his designs as well as equip his community with a network and platform. The diverse skills of those involved made cooperation and collaboration of essence. This latest collection features references to Adduchi’s roots included embroidery inspired by North-African mosaics and traditional patterns. The experiences, stories and crafts of the 25 people involved establishes Adduchi’s name and identity as a ‘social fashion designer’.


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7 || Sandra Mansour

“The young, Elie Saab-trained Lebanese designer delivers whimsical eveningwear with the world’s best parties in mind. For Fall, she cited Dutch painter Leo Gestel as the inspiration behind the color palette and horse motifs. The latter is thread-embroidered onto velvet gowns, as are illustrations of polar bears—in an effort to call attention to the endangered species.” Timeless silhouettes with extreme attention to detail, minimalist yet feminine. A fashion house known for its intricate ready-to-wear line and custom bridal wear, established in 2010. Fashion Trust Arabia finalist


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8 || Fadi Zumot

Exhibiting his admirable work at Jordan Fashion Week as a runway designer, “Fadi Zumot is an emerging artist and fashion designer whose work investigates manifestations of gender and sexuality through clothing, addressing social and cultural notions of expression and restriction. In 2016, Zumot co-curated and designed costumes for “Republic of the Body,” a public performance that dealt with bodies deemed “unacceptable” by society. Zumot also participated in Amman Design Week 2016 with an interactive installation “Qalban Qaliban” followed by a fashion collection.”


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