Getting Back To The Gym? These Are The Latest Activewear Trends

After all the opening and closing governmental decisions, gyms are finally opening their doors once again, hopefully forever. Do you know what that means? Yep, you guessed it right; finally, we will be dressing up again for our workout sessions (yay) which calls for some brand new styles. In the past year, activewear became an essential part of our wardrobes; we have worn our leggings and biker shorts not only for at-home workouts but also for errands, and chill time. Here are the top activewear trends of the year. Happy Workout 🙂


1 || Retro Shades


This year, retro shades from the 70’s take place of past years’ neons. From powder blues to dust brown and limon green calm shades are the way to go in 2021.


2 || Biker Shorts


Biker shorts are here to stay. And while this silhouette looks super cool in black, beige and solid colors in general, prints are also a way to go. If you haven’t tried them yet, 2021 is the year to do so, start by trying a solid color if you are still hesitant. For bold gals out there liven up your assortment with pastel, printed, or metallic pair.


3 || Overalls


One of the boldest trends out there is the workout jumpsuit. Onesies, unitards, rompers, or jumpsuits, whether you like it or not one-piece activewear is officially back.


4 || School Shorts


We haven’t seen these super comfy shorts for quite a time. But now they are witnessing a huge comeback. Choose a colorful or neutral one and match it with a crop top for your next workout. Add a cap, sneaker and maybe tie a striped shirt around your waist for super cool look to walk your dog or run errands.


5 || Flared Leggings


This silhouette has gone beyond denim. Flared leggings are back. Don’t know how you feel about them for your workout, but let’s agree that they look really cool and comfy.


6 || 90’s Inspo


90’s fashion has been seen everywhere, activewear is not an exception. If you are in your 40s, it is time to recall your teenage years; Adidas stripes with colorful sneakers and a boxy crop top.


7 || Beyond The Gym


Spending most of the past year at home, comfort has become our new fashionable. That said, we will keep seeing knitwear sets and a lot of sweats mixed with ready-to-wear pieces… Try wearing your legging or biker short with your oversized tee or hoodie for a super trending and comfy look.