A Definitive 10-Step Guide to Throwing a Summer Pool Party

Summer Pool Party

The best part about summer? The sun, of course, whose maximum enjoyment is reaped by a day spent poolside, lounging atop of tanning beds with your besties — AKA a mini pool party, which you can throw yourself this summer staycation by following these simple steps!


1 || Get the Skincare Essentials

As the host of the party, supply both tanning oil and sunscreen, but be absolutely certain the oil contains SPF — Pure Carrot Suntan Oil SPF 10 by the Lebanese brand, Beesline, is an excellent, all-natural option infused with vitamin E and both almond and sunflower oils. For more protection, stock up on their SPF 100 sunscreen, load both into cute little white buckets, and store in an area accessible to each tanning bed so as to satisfy all your party-guests and their SPF needs.


Get the Skincare Essentials


2 || Buy Lifesize Pool Floaties

Luckily this cute party accessory is just as enjoyable this year as it was the last, and has established itself as a yearly summer pool essential. Go cliche and supply your guests with a swan floatie, like this GoFloats one, or get creative with this Aodicon 8-piece pizza float set, so each squad member gets their own little slice — skip the online search, and take a trip to Hamleys or Toys and Toys to purchase other floaties in-store. Your Instagram feed is guaranteed to be flooded with floaty photos the following day.


Buy Lifesize Pool Floaties


3 || Stock up on the Props

Speaking of Instagram, your guests are going to turn your party into one big photo-op, and what better way to facilitate the process than by supplying adorable picture-props, and maybe even a photo booth section? Signs to pose cutely with are always a success, and this SDBING 10-piece set of chalkboard signs is perfect for party guests to scribble whatever they want on for a custom, aesthetic Insta shot — or, design and print your own at Doculand. Get a large poster with the design of your choice for a photo-booth backdrop, and place the props in a little can nearby so your guests can be photoshoot-ready at all times.


Stock up on the Props


4 || Offer “Spa” Treatments

A spa experience doesn’t always have to be so expensive — you can organize one yourself by dedicating a corner of your party to a spot where guests can pick up fun, under-the-sun goodies. Make your own, and fill them into labeled mason jars. We’ve already done the research for you — check out our articles on DIY-homemade face and hair masks perfect for your pool bash!


Offer “Spa” Treatments


5 || Serve the Right Refreshments

Nothing completes a pool day like an ice cold drink, and tropical ones are going to be your best bet.JuiceBangBang and Seed Amman offer the tastiest juice and smoothie blends, while Shakeaway is the spot to hit for creamy, indulgent milkshakes. If you are going to deliver drinks, it’s best to serve them ASAP so they remain cool and refreshing — or stay safe while taking advantage of Jordan’s ultra-sweet dates by making this delicious homemade Date Smoothie for guests to sip on. Pro tip: add in a frozen banana for an all-natural thickener and sweetener.


Serve the Right Refreshments


6 || Dish out the Food

What’s a drink if it’s not paired with an equally satisfying treat? Pool food is best served handheld, considering both you and your guests will probably be eating out of your laps and not on a fancy table top. Manakish, shawarma, falafel and mezze spreads with pita are the perfect mini-meals to munch on, and can be deliciously found at Blue FigCrumzAl-OsraKababji and Shawarma Reem. Purchase the perfect guilt-free sweets from local homemade bakery, Bia Bakes, which offers raw, vegan and gluten free options (go for some chickpea brownies!).


Dish out the Food


7 || Provide Games

We all love a good tanning sesh, but let’s not beat around the bush — it is b-o-r-i-n-g. Spice things up with fun games for guests to play in between tanning and swimming intermissions. Throw it back to our elementary, middle and high school field days with tug of war, Twister and the “Pass the Sponge” overhead games. If you have a ping-pong table, bring it out to the party for a competitive tournament, and if you’re trying to splurge, be sure to score this GoSports lifesize Connect Four.


Provide Games


8 || Create a Playlist

Luckily Summer 2018 has not been sparing in the music department. Compile your own playlist for friends to jam to with a combination of songs by different artists — include tunes from Drake’s Scorpion, Ariana Grande’s Sweetener (the ones released thus far anyway), Kanye West’s ye, Lykke Li’s so sad so sexy and Childish Gambino’s (ultra-fitting) Summer Pack. If you’d rather leave playlist curation to the experts, simply play one from Apple Music or Spotify on shuffle — my favorite from the former is Summertime Essentials.


Create a Playlist


9 || When the Sun Goes Down

The best kind of day parties are the ones that are simply too fun to halt when it’s no longer daytime anymore, and when that scenario presents itself, you gotta be prepared. Temperatures drop past sundown, making bonfires the perfect conclusion to a day of fun in the sun (and also create the ultimate excuse to cheat on your diet with s’mores). If your backyard is large enough and all the safety measures have been put in place, fireworks are also a successful, entertaining night time attraction. Lastly, gather inside for a light and cheerful movie to end the fiesta; chick flicks, like She’s the ManJohn Tucker Must Die andBridesmaids are always excellent classics, but other comedies like TedThe Hangover and We’re The Millers also never get old.


Summer Pool Party


10 || Bid Farewell with a Goodie Bag

You’ll want to end a memorable pool party with something to remember it by, like a bag-full of practical giveaways. Make an extra batch of the face and hair masks beforehand and store them in mini mason jars as one of the goodies. Considering that you all just spent hours in the sun, your skin is going to want to replenish itself — both the Gradual Tan In-Shower Tanning Lotion and Everyday Body Lotion by St. Tropez are the perfect after-sun products, and help sustain that tan you spent all day working on. Order them right here on Ciin!


 Bid Farewell with a Goodie Bag