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Meet Ayah Mufleh The Beauty & Brains Behind Ishimmer Lashes

Ayah Mufleh-Ishimmer Lashes

We are super excited to announce that Ayah Mufleh; the beauty and brains behind Ishimmer Lashes will be taking over this corner for the coming period to share with us her exciting journey as well as some of her great beauty tips and tricks.

Ishimmer has become a name that is synonymous with beauty and sophistication the world over. Ayah Mufleh first launched this innovative and specialised brand in 2014-2015. Being an informal beauty advisor for friends and family, Ayah’s passion for beauty drove her to be on a constant quest for everything new in the world of beauty and makeup, and once her recommendations to friends and family hit home, her reputation grew like rapid fire! Once acquaintances and friends of friends starting calling for advice; Ayah was inspired to do something structured about this; loving the interaction with people and being able to give them a credible piece of advice, Ayah wanted a platform to reach out to all those unsure about what beauty regimen to follow. Ayah established her makeup blog and started doing tutorial videos to discuss a topic that is close to her heart, and slowly but surely she amassed a huge following of loyal supporters eager to hear what Ayah has in store.


Ayah Mufleh-Ishimmer Lashes


The turnaround happened in May 2016. Ayah was always fascinated with lashes and she found herself gravitating towards them.

“They’ve always been a passion of mine, but it wasn’t until I could find reusable, comfortable, lightweight lashes that I found the missing link I needed to fill.”

Ayah took a leap of faith when she was 24 years old; she quit her job and focused all her attention on the lashes. She rigorously studied every requirement needed for eye lashes from eye shapes and sizes to all other contributing factors such as skin tone, cheekbones, and lip size among others. Her ultimate goal was to tailor the lashes and personalise them, and we can proudly attest that Ayah has achieved that goal and beyond.


Ayah Mufleh-Ishimmer Lashes


Ishimmer lashes is a brand that Ayah has literally built with blood and tears, she was on the verge of giving up so many times but then she would see her lashes worn by A-list celebrities, or she would receive some amazing feedback that the world would be alright once again. Ayah single handedly established everything related to the brand from designing the packaging, to the name style, the lash styles, to handling the buyers and the invoices, the back show the front show, it’s all her. The brand grew organically to where it stands today; the highlight of her career was seeing celebrities sporting Shimmer lashes time and again.

Getting married and moving to London this summer meant the start of a new chapter for Ayah and her brand; albeit it still feels a little daunting for Ayah as she starts to navigate the paths of what feels like a new life and a new start.

“It is a struggle because part of me feels like I started Ishimmer all over again, but it’s definitely worth the fight.”


Ayah Mufleh-Ishimmer Lashes


Ayah’s social media presence is another one of her successes; one look at her 37K Instagram page and you would know why. Ayah’s makeup tips and product reviews are a source of inspiration to her loyal followers, and the insight into her personal life as well as being an Ishimmer platform each plays a role in making Ayah one of your go-to sources for beauty advice. Credibility is her goal hence she would only post about tried and tested products all based on honest experiences and the reward is the feedback she receives on her honesty and authenticity.


Ayah Mufleh-Ishimmer Lashes


 can’t wait to share with us and with her followers the new and exciting things that are still under wraps. She’s also working on a Youtube Channel / Instagram videos whereby she will post authentic and raw videos done by Ayah where she will share with her followers her own side of the makeup story; the everyday makeup, the tips and tricks, where you don’t have to be a makeup artist to do it. “I want to show people how to apply everyday makeup that looks great even if you don’t have the skills or the right tools. As for the professional tips I will leave those to the amazing makeup artists we all trust and love.” Ayah explains. Ayah will be recreating looks of those who inspire her, while giving tips on enhancing the beauty without hiding the features …. her own way.

“The art of makeup is so beautiful and it’s for everyone. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be you! Apply it the way you want, and don’t forget Ishimmer lashes:)

Ayah Mufleh

Founder of Ishimmer Lashes, An Extended Blog

Experience the beauty world with me through my eyes and as the founder of a lash brand.