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Ishimmer Lashes || Aya’s Journey From Mink to Silk

ishimmer lashes

As most of you know it took me almost 1-2 years to be able to design ishimmer’s eyelash collection that was made out of cruelty free mink lashes. My reason behind the lash collection and the whole brand was because I never found eyelashes that did not irritate my eyes or felt heavy on the lids and so I never wore eyelashes before. When I was able to design weightless lashes, things changed for me. I love wearing eyelashes now. It’s literally the lipstick for the eyes.

I never cared about the way the lashes looked on the eye, my main focus was how much they weighed and how soft the band was on the eye and that they can be worn by everyone, all ages. I mean, my grandmother wears my lashes and she has really sensitive eyes. She loves them.

Anyways, ever since I moved to London I began working on my brand differently. My view on things changed. There are so many things coming up that I wish I can share with you, but for now watch this space…

Moving to London for me was starting from scratch again, building my brand again and meeting new incredible people. So I decided to relaunch Ishimmer differently.


ishimmer lashes


In October I started experimenting with silk, see there’s a taboo with silk lashes that they tend to feel heavy because the hair itself is thicker than the mink. That was my struggle, I worked for months trying to change all the mink lashes to silk without compromising our known quality and weight.

At some point I was just going to give up the whole idea of moving to Silk Eyelashes. After back and forth samples and trials, I was able to shift our whole collection to 100% handmade Silk Eyelashes while maintain our quality and weight.

The lashes still feel extremely weightless, the band is much thinner and softer now, the curl of the lashes lasts much longer and for the first time our silk lashes blend so naturally with your eyelashes. Mission accomplished. Our Silk lashes now may even be lighter than our previous mink collection.


ishimmer lashes


So why Silk? I was inspired by the way silk is obtained. The process of silk production is called sericulture. The best-known silkis obtainedfrom the cocoons and that’s what my new eyelash collection will be made of. The evolution of the protein fibres in the cocoon to be extracted and then spinned to form silk is what resembles the evolution and relaunch of Ishimmer Lashes. The stage of which the cocoon forms into silk inspired me for the re-launch, the energy put into the change and joining the movement towards an animal friendly brand.

Ishimmer Lash designs are all designed by me, with my team we are able to transform these designs into eyelashes.

There so much to come for my brand and I wish I can share more. But for now, it’s been a tough journey but looking at the lashes now and feeling them on, just makes me feel great that I was able to fill that market gap and break the taboo of Silk Eyelashes. That’s what Ishimmer is all about – Re defining False Lashes.