Lana Murad Bataineh The Pearl of the East

lana murad bataineh

Lana will be Lana, will be Lana, will be Lana.. 

From afar she is the courageous woman battling a crippling illness.  An example of survival under the toughest circumstances.  When time is limited, or so they say, what do you do about it?


“Before my illness, time was irrelevant, I didn’t appreciate the value of time. After ALS, having been told I have few years to live, time became my greatest gift from our creator. God has given me extra time to spend with my loved ones. I am therefore appreciative and grateful for every second of borrowed time I have now. I learned to value time and make use of it by concentrating on what truly matters in life, and not to waste my time upsetting myself over trivial things, or stressing over anything. Accepting and appreciating the fact that I am living on borrowed time.”


For those that know Lana up close however, they see the struggle, yet more importantly see her soul.  Her soul is unchanged. If you were to consider our bodies as our outer shells, protecting us from the environment, nothing more nothing less..

As Lana talks to me about her early years, her passion for life, and humor towards it is evident.  An avid student, with love for the arts, chemistry and biology, Lana’s love of human interaction was nurtured at a young age by Girl Scouts and Student Council involvement.  

A business management graduate from Cardiff University in Wales, Lana spent her twenties working as an office manager at Toyota in Amman, Jordan.  She bore her children in her twenties, and raised them eighties style.  Old family photos boast a passion for shoulder pads and the trending bouffant hair of the times.  

By her thirties she had mastered the card game of bridge, and spent her years competing in national and international tournaments.  Traveling the Middle East, meeting bridge-lovers like herself.  Again, doing what she loves most, engaging.

One of Lana’s gifts to society in the late nineties was the establishment of Amman Little League.  What started off as volunteer work blossomed to a presidency of the league that lasted over a decade.  It is hard to explain the value of Amman Little League to young families, creating a healthy inclusive community based on the principles of sportsmanship and productive competition.

When asked about her interests, Lana stresses the importance of sports in her life.  What started off as a way of engaging with her boys, turned into a lifelong passion.  Roger Federer is her favorite athlete, and one of the celebrities she almost met, and would love to meet some day.  Celine Dion and George Clooney are another two.  Celine, Roger and George, if you’re reading this, keep Lana in mind the next time you’re in town 😉

We asked Lana what she believed people would describe her as, she mentioned the words, devoted, loving, hardworking, disciplined (like only a Taurean knows how) and a mother.  I am giving myself license to add another word, “enriching”.  

It may not be the most likely of words but I feel it perfectly describes how I feel about Lana.  Add her to anything and the experience is richer, more authentic, deeper, the colors more vivid.  Chair or no chair, Lana’s appreciation of the finer things in life, has guided her so far.  Her desire to engage and allow those around her to do the same. 

Lana sees the value in community and communication.  If there is one common denominator in all that I see and hear about Lana it is her unflinching enthusiasm for togetherness.  Whether its her blog Loofy Online or her famed culinary abilities, Lana spends her time communicating with the world, and highlighting what really matters, in an elegant and authentic way.  Thank you Lana x