Raeda Taha || A Palestinian Voice With Resonance!

Raeda Taha

What strength, what presence! Multi-talented Raeda Taha stands alone on the dimmed stage with nothing but a spotlight shining down on her, her voice echoing against the walls! The sole writer, producer, and performer of her two groundbreaking one-woman shows, Taha wrote “Where Can I Find Someone Like You Ali?” in 2015, and followed it up with her latest production “36 Abbas Street, Haifa.” in 2017. These are revolutionary plays that reflect Taha’s personal life because in her case “the truth is stronger than the imagination.”

Reada was born in holy Jerusalem in 1965 and was raised in Beirut. She holds a BA in Speech Communication and Journalism from George Mason University in Washington DC, and she has held sensitive positions throughout her career. Between 1987 and 1994 Taha was the Press Secretary of Chairman Yasser Arafat, she is also on board of a number of Palestinian cultural centres and initiatives.

“Where Can I Find Someone Like You Ali?” was an immediate hit upon its launch, it has been watched by over 20,000 people and it is still touring all over the world, it has even been performed at the John F.  Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts in DC. The script for the play was chosen to be taught at the American University in Beirut among the select few representing female playwrights from the Mediterranean. An English translation is also underway. By speaking the unspoken, Raeda Taha’s voice is a painful reminder of what is lost yet never forgotten.