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Al Wajd Al Fayez || A Master Storyteller

Al Wajd Al Fayez

Al Wajd Al Fayez is a Jordanian filmmaker with a powerful message. Al Wajd belongs to a generation of women who have opted to make their voices heard through a medium that would resonate with today’s world. Founder of MugShot Productions, a Jordan-based boutique production house, Al Wajd earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the UK from The University of Kent and Kingston University where she studied Film Directing and Scriptwriting.

After the completion of her studies, Al Wajd ventured off to explore two of the Middle East’s creative hubs; Lebanon and Egypt, where she spent 2 years collectively. Seeing the lack of innovative, creative, female-driven visual content in Jordan, she went back home and decided to start Mugshot Productions. At first, breaking into this male dominated industry was very challenging, but her company managed to become a pioneer in its field. Ever since, this small company has taken up various local and international projects from leading telecom companies to local and international NGOs, private ventures and governments.


When asked about what time meant for Al Wajd…

“Time is something you can’t ‘pause’. It’s learning how to press ‘play’ with ease, accepting the pace, and making sure that with every second that passes, you are doing the best that you can. It is being present and focusing on what’s in front of you; be it a conversation with the family, an outing with your husband, catching up with a friend, or working on an intense production; control what you have and follow through. My career runs around ‘frames per second’, having a timeline is part of my daily life. Those milliseconds taught me patience and acceptance, but the thing it taught me the most is belief; a ‘belief’ in the fact that you can.

Therefore my motto in life is that you can have it all, just not all at once. Stay patient, and embrace your journey.”