Hanan & Linda Hallaq || Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Hanan and Linda Hallak

Hanan and Linda are the beautiful, talented, and dynamic duo who have single-handedly elevated the Jordanian design scene by empowering women and providing them with opportunities to develop and grow their creativity into lucrative businesses. Hanan’s the brains behind the creativity arm and Linda handles the marketing aspect of the business.

What started as a simple venture for the gifted duo became the biggest and most dynamic platform in Jordan for “motivating, supporting, and empowering entrepreneurs and Arab women designers.” Hanan and Linda work around the clock to provide a safe haven for all those talented ladies who are at a loss as to how to start their businesses. By organising their extremely successful bazaars, they satisfy the public’s thirst for authentic and creative products while providing an outlet for the creative individuals behind these innovations.

Hanan and Linda’s latest endeavour is utilising their 19 years of experience and translating it into “Qissaty” initiative in cooperation with Roya TV. They’re working on a book that will bring to light the stories of the creative ladies highlighting their personal and professional struggles, whilst simultaneously helping them sell their products online locally and globally. The two passionate soft-spoken sisters have managed to create a community that empowers women like no other.

Their cosy shop located in Abdoun also serves as a little cove of treasures where one can find myriad gems from local and regional designers, and it also serves as a meeting place for all those fashion-conscious people looking for a unique piece and a cup of aromatic coffee.