Fadia Samara || Himmetna’s Angel!

Fadia Samara

Fadia Samara is your definition of beauty, brains and selflessness. A pharmacist by education and nothing short of an angel by profession, Fadia has been dedicating her precious time, energy and resources to a multitude of charitable and philanthropic projects the least of which is her latest endeavour; ‘Himmetna’! Himmetna is an initiative and a mighty cause that aims at upgrading and renovating the poorly equipped cancer department at Al Bashir Hospital in Amman to provide ample treatment opportunities to the less fortunate cancer patients who struggle with acquiring the needed treatment and support.

As a patient rights activist; Fadia Samara is Secretary General of the Patient Protection Coalition – as well as being a member of The Friends of Cancer Society, and a member of the Board of Trustees of The National Centre for Human Rights. Fadia’s searing passion is driving her efforts and actions towards patients care as well as securing the needed funds to complete this majestic cause. Himmetna aims at rehabilitating and fully renovating the oncology department (1000 square meters, 30 beds) with the support of civil society organisations, national companies and business owners. Fadia is working around the clock to secure the needed funds, and her efforts are being celebrated and met with success.