Hana Hassan || Weaving Threads of Love

I have probably been wanting to write about Hana for 24 years.  Since I first met her at Boutique de France in May 1995.  Two women from very different walks of life, forced to spend endless hours together, as they patiently wait for their next customer.  Hana handled sales, and Suhad handled orders.

Just like there are two sides to the coin, there are two sides to every story.  Two ways of interpreting the cards life deals you, there is the rosy and the not so rosy.  The lucky and the terribly unlucky… Hana has had her fair share of drama and unfortunate situations but so have millions of others.  What makes Hana shine in my eyes and my heart is her ability to rise above it all.  Hana is a self-taught seamstress with over 30 years of experience in the trade.  She is a abaya designer and she is the proud mother of three great kids.  Hana probably has 45 best friends, she has that ability to share love and compassion with so many people at the same time.  She is a fountain of fondness, that sees all sorts of women pass by her, not for a fitting or a new kaftan but simply a cup of tea.  For those who know her, I know exactly what you’re thinking!  “Cup of coffee, more like it”.


I always attempt to explain to people the power of positivity, well here is a real life example.  Yes, as a cancer patient she has her ups and downs, but that’s not really what I mean…Hana’s outlook on life is positive.  Regardless of the people that have slighted her, hurt her feelings or taken her money, she has the ability to move on.


She doesn’t allow it to fester, and this allows her energy to continue to flow.  There are no blockages.. When this miraculous feat is perfected good things start coming your way.  She gets airline upgrades without asking for them.  Trips to the Royal Palace without wishing for them, and invitations to appear on international television shows without hustling for them.


Hana is the power of goodness in an unjust world, a force to be reckoned with.. Just #watchher