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Do your summer plans consist of nothing but a fair dosage of home? Are you returning from college, and need ideas to keep your summer fun and eventful? Welcome to the Staycation Survival Guide — Amman edition. From where to score the city’s best eats, to relaxing spa days and even local adventurous activities, this column will guarantee that any inch of boredom that crept its way into your summer at home now just seems like an impossibility.

The endless nights you spent studying for finals made these upcoming months seem like paradise. I, myself, can attest to that — I go to NYU in New York City, where endless options of things to do and places to see bustle at every street corner, but I still found myself dreaming of Amman constantly. Most Jordanian students who study abroad can relate — sure, I live in the food capital of the world, but nothing beats the taste of my Teta’s mloukhia. Of course I’ve grown to have an amazing group of college friends, but kicking it with my day ones simply never gets old.

Now, though, that summer vacation has finally arrived, and we’re actually almost halfway done with it, finding fun and creative ways to spend these summer days slowly becomes more and more of a challenge; that initial high of second semester coming to an end is slowly fading, and my goal is to revive it. Some may be jetsetting to beach destinations whose locations start with “the South of,” or maybe “Monte” something, but others, like myself, are staying put in Jordan; if your current situation is the latter, and you’re looking for a much needed change in routine, then this is the column for you. Summer vacation in our fine city never seemed to tempting.