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Sima Najjar Is One Magnetic Energy Field!

sima najjar

This multi-tasking, multi-talented mom, is an energy force …no..more like an energy field all on her own. Sima Najjar; mother of Farah, Laith, and Zaid, or Mama Sima as she likes to be known juggles her many hands with a finesse that is envied by all.  She’s a mother, an entrepreneur, a YouTuber, and a mentor, just to name a few of her hats. 

Sima is the co-founder and CEO of Dezain Space; a groundbreaking platform that is powered by telecom giant Zain, and one that offers fashion and product designers the required space, support, mentorship, networking and access to investment opportunities. 

Sima’s other hat, and one that is quite close to her heart is her Mama Sima YouTube channel. Sima launched her hugely successful channel in 2012 in which she shares essential parenting advice and ‘how-to’s” for the mothers of today. With content ranging from cooking and lifestyle, to parenting and arts & crafts; her channel fills a huge gap in the local market. The channel grew organically and today it boasts around 500K subscribers with a viewership that is close to 85 million. 

Sima has previously founded three companies while still under the age of thirty; has won major international awards and she is still going strong. Over the years Sima has helped raise money and create awareness for a number of social causes and in 2014 she was part of a team to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to help raise funds for King Hussein Cancer Centre. So what will Mama Sima be doing next? We’ll just have to wait and see! 

When asked about what time meant for Sima….


I do not think too far ahead. Time for me means what can I do NOW! If I had only one year to live what would I do with it? Thinking along those lines unleashes your greatest potentials; there will be nothing that you won’t or can’t do!