Certified Stylist and Color Expert Mais Taha is In Town!

Mais Taha

When it comes to fashion, one of the most personal issues is that of choosing the pieces you decide to own.  For some fortunate few, the process is easy, almost intuitive. For most it is less than comfortable. The decision process causes us concern, makes us fretful and unsure.

Which is why it is important for stylists, those talented women that help make the process easier, to be approachable, kind and passionate. Well that is precisely what Mais Taha is. On her recent trip to Amman, during her global traveling workshop, Mais took the time out of her hectic schedule to mentor the Khayt fashion designer competition contestants.  Her sharp eye, open attitude and kind words eased the contestants woes and guided them on their journey.  As I watched her in action, it came to mind that there is a difference between a stylist that tells you what to wear, and one that tells you ‘why’ to wear it.


Mais Taha


Mais is obviously one of the latter, she not only tells you what to wear but why… which is the important difference.  A certified stylist and color expert, Mais’ celebrated workshop was voted best workshop of the year by the Young President’s Organization (YPO).  We can only imagine the number of workshops they had to choose from, her win speaks volumes about her professionalism and endearing persona.  It’s not enough to give a good workshop, you’ve got to be inspiring, pleasant and kind, and that Mais is.  We would go further and say that her energy adds positivity to a subject which often times causes anxiety.

Mais is a styling pro, breaking down the codes of dressing into comprehendible, usable and relevant points.  Just because you can style, it doesn’t mean you can teach.  Mais is a natural educator, and is able to pass the insights on in a simplified yet detailed way.

Her three hour workshop in Amman this week covers a broad range of topics pertaining to fashion and styling.  From color and fit, to fabric and cut and everything in between.

The course is naturally sold out, but there’s no harm in trying to squeeze yourself in.. just in case someone miraculously cancels!  Contact Mira on @M2agenda for more details.