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Rana Haddadin || Ayurvedic Practioner

Rana Haddadin

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on Thursday March 8th, 2018 we teamed up with Darine Alashy of ‘A Minute Marvel’ to celebrate some particularly awesome women!

An Ayurvedic practitioner, a wellness coach, and a yoga teacher with a bachelors degree in biomedical sciences and a masters in nutrition. Rana combines the centuries-old teachings of Ayurveda with modern-day Western health philosophies, aiming to teach her clients the tools and techniques to become their own healers. She travels frequently – moving around the world to deepen her knowledge by learning from top practitioners and to learn about and incorporate many cultural approaches to health and wellness. She conducts most of her Ayurvedic counseling sessions online, and hosts in-person retreats, workshops, and counseling sessions depending on her availability and travel schedule.
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