Haifa Hajjar Najjar || Women’s Day Wonder Woman

haifa najjar

Talk about women empowerment in our beloved Jordan, Her Excellency Haifa Hajjar Najjar springs to mind. A prominent figure in the educational realm, HE Haifa Najjar is first and foremost a proud wife and a warm-hearted mother of four girls.; Rand, Selena, Wajd and Zara. An immense part of her inspiration in life comes from her deceased mother, she admits. An inspiration that transformed into  channelling love, passion and endless giving..

Mrs. Najjar is the superintendent of The Ahliyyah School for Girls and The Bishop’s School for Boys Amman. With a mission to reshape education in Jordan, HE shares a lot of great qualities with her students. Togetherness, oneness, transparency and dedication are the standards she lives by.. 

In addition to her former position, HE Haifa Najjar is currently a senator in the Upper House of the Jordanian Parliament.  She was selected amongst the most 200 powerful women in the Arab World in Forbes Middle East Magazine in 2014. She is also a member of King Abdullah Fund for Development (KAFD) Board of Trustees, the head of the Technical Committee of The Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education, a member of the Council of Education in Jordan, member of the Board of Trustees of the Middle East University, Amman. Mrs. Najjar was the President of The Business and Professional Women Association in Amman, a founding member of the Board of Trustees of The King’s Academy and a Board Member of The Greater Municipality of Amman, to name a few!  

Internationally, Mrs. Najjar is an elected member of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS). She was an elected member of the IB Regional Heads Representative Committee (RHRC-IBO) in addition to many others..

Mrs. Najjar’s commitment to her educational mission of empowering youth, as well as extending to the political domain is enough reason to celebrate this inspirational ’Wonder Woman’, it was simply inevitable …

When asked about HE Haifa Najjar’s meaning of time, 


I live the present moment with all my heart. The current moment becomes my priority always. It’s a moment I give undivided attention to and deeply cherish… For that I believe it will bloom in the future and evolve into an extraordinary one.. The past holds within experiences and mistakes that helped shape the person I am today, so I can never neglect it, on the contrary, I give much credit to the past. I am a big believer that the future will always hold within its folds a better tomorrow, and for that I am grateful.’