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Rawan Barakat: The Marvel Behind Raneen Foundation

Rawan Barakat

Malala Yousafzai once said “I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is not. It is the story of many girls.” On the occasion of International Women’s Day we take the opportunity to celebrate all those courageous women who stepped outside the box to realise their ambitions while make a positive change in the lives of those around them and beyond.

CIIN partnered with Darine Alashy’s “A Minute Marvel” to celebrate the lives of fabulous women all around us and Rawan Barakat stands out as she defied her visual impairment to become a social entrepreneur reaching out to affect the lives of more than 30,000 children all over Jordan and the UAE.

Rawan started volunteering in the social field when she was 11 years old with the Jordanian Children’s Parliament. She began studying theater with “The National Center of Culture and Arts”. In 2004 Rawan majored in Theater Arts at the University of Jordan and graduated in 2008, to be the first Arab blind girls to study theater arts.

In 2009 she founded Raneen Foundation’ a “non profit organisation” which aims to develop the listening and communication skills for children as well as the educational methods. Rawan reached to more than 30,000 children all over Jordan and the UAE, and to around 1000 teachers. She also planted around 250 audio libraries in different schools, that included Raneen’s Stories which are produced in a dramatic way. Rawan Barakat is still currently working as the Director of ‘Raneen’ and as the drama trainer for teachers and children in the foundation.