The Tales of Azza Fahmy || One Jewelry Piece at a Time

Azza Fahmy Jewelry

There is little that hasn’t already been said about the legendary Azza Fahmy, an Egyptian woman that trailblazed into the exclusively male-dominated handcrafted jewelry trade. As timelessly modern today as they were years ago, Azza Fahmy’s jewels stand the test of time. A testament to our traditions and their ability to stay relevant decades later. Each of Azza’s pieces tell a charming tale of superior design and tradition.

Case in point the mesmerizing Falahy ‘Window’ earrings and ring. Made of 18k gold and sterling silver adorned with stones and filigree. What may appear at first as artistically executed statement earrings and matching ring of oriental flavor are in fact much more.


ciin07051802-02-Azza Fahmy Jewelry
ciin07051802-03-Azza Fahmy Jewelry
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