Why We Think Farah Hourani Is The Next Big Thing In Arab Fashion

Farah Hourani

Last night’s Fashion Star finale left us brimming with pride at Jordan’s contestant Farah Hourani.  The young fashion designer that captured the hearts of the region and the imagination of many with her huge creative potential.

Yes we think Farah is awesome because she is Jordanian, but from a more pragmatic point of view, we see her as the next big thing in Arab fashion for some concrete reasons.


1|| Her Positivity

Other than her creative talent Farah captured our attention with her positive attitude to the world.  Being on regional television is no easy feat and people respond to it differently.  Farah’s  modest yet impressive approach was a perfect representation of what we are as Jordanians, really down to earth great folk.


2 || Her Forward-Thinking Outlook On Fashion

Farah’s approach to fashion is full of the future, a surefire way to grow.  Creatives in general have a tendency to spend a lot of time finding themselves, but once they have they stick to it.  This can paralyze their creative growth because change is a constant in fashion.  Hoping to incorporate fashion technology into her work, 3D printing and new materials is a clear indication of Farah’s flexibility and ability to grow.


Farah Hourani


3 || She Is Still Learning About Herself

For a young person Farah certainly has her head screwed on tight.  In her many conversations we hear her talking about her quest to understand herself better which makes her constantly open to change and improvements.  Discussing her experiences on and off the show, she looks at herself almost as an observer, a valuable tool for self improvement!


4 || Farah Keeps Calm and Keeps Going

Three dresses in two days in a great accomplishment for any designer.  Add to that the element of reality television and a worthy competition and the pressure piles on.  Farah’s finished pieces, bursting with creativity prove that this woman can do some serious work under pressure.


Farah Hourani

5 || She Thinks Outside The Box

Farah’s latest collection was inspired by her latest trip to, you heard right, China!  China’s street style to be specific.  Not many people can boast to being as ambitious and open to the unknown.  Having participated in Los Angeles fashion week as well, Farah seems motivated by unfamiliar territory and impressive challenges.  That’s as the Americans say, ‘pretty awesome’.


6 || A Real Desire To Better Herself

Farah has spent much of her time and money on the acquiring of fashion knowledge.  Whether it’s the purchase of books or travel to exotic locations for inspiration.  A hat must be raised to a woman that constantly invests in herself and her talent.


Farah Hourani

7 || Creativity AND Business

Farah is wise beyond her years, and understands that creativity is just a hobby until it is backed with a business mind.  With her plans to rebrand her label and design collaborations in the pipeline, the sky is the limit for this business woman.


8 || She Knows Her Stuff

We can guarantee that the most entertaining part of being a designer is the creative part.  Dreaming up an idea, sketching it.  The technical work is hard, and it requires time.  It’s what you need to learn and the only way to grow it is with experience.  This was Farah’s weapon on Fashion Star, her technical experience allowed her to better communicate and assist the technical team, and clearly it worked !