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Khawla Armouti || A Powerful Agent Of Change

Khawla Armouti

One of Jordan’s most influential women and a pioneer in the social development field; Khawla Armouti is a powerful agent of social change and reform. The former Minister of Social Development has dedicated her life to the care of the needy and underprivileged thus cementing her name as a delegate of social development and philanthropy. 

During her years as a minister Armouti dedicated her time to working on projects that aim at reducing poverty and increasing employment. She is on the board of the trustees of the Jordan River Foundation, Haya Cultural Centre, Jordanian Palestinian Brotherhood Society, and the Student Support Fund at the University of Jordan. She is also the honorary president of various local charity societies. 

In 2014, Armouti was named among the top ten women leaders in Jordan based on a survey conducted by the Jordanian Business Journal. She has founded numerous organisations that work on social change and community development including “Ayadi Mudee’a”. She is currently lending her powerful energy to a number of ‘Waqf’ projects that empower women and youths.