Who Runs The World? In Celebration of Women’s Day

womens day

Who runs the world?  

Well, I think we all know the answer to that.. Those multi-tasking beings that are magically in 6 places at the same time, lipstick and winged eyeliner perfectly applied.

The truth is though, if we don’t join forces and support each other, our many tasks become that much more difficult.  So here’s to queens fixing each other’s crowns.

It is for this reason that we at CIIN have joined forces with the inimitable Sarah Baydoun of Sarah’s Bag to recognize the women around us, and their contributions to society. The #womenofwonder campaign organized by the powerful Mariana Wehbe celebrates these women with a handmade badge made by fellow women.  100 badges have been made, and will be distributed to women worldwide.

Sarah Baydoun has been at the forefront of women’s empowerment for over 20 years now, making her the perfect partner for this initiative.  

We have been given 12 of these badges to share the love and respect this Women’s Day.  It was no easy feat choosing just twelve names, but really you’ve got to start somewhere.

If you were to think about the one thing that all women have in common it’s their intense relationship with time.  Like they say in Facebook, in the status segment: It’s complicated.. With our ability to multi-task comes our love/hate relationship with time.  

We have joined forced with Time Center for this part of the campaign.  Recognizing our relationship with the elusive element of time.  We have asked each of our 12 Women of Wonder what time means to them,  you shall be surprised by the differences in opinions… 

Our campaign starts on March 8th, stay tuned!