CIIN’s Exclusive Interview With Inamullumani Founder Luma Qusus Awad

Luma Qusus

There is just something about Luma…

Generously inviting me into her home to watch her jewelry-making in action, I am greeted not just with her warm smile, but with the story of who she is, her identity.  Artwork fills the walls, each unique in style. Textures and colors float around the room, speaking of her experiences, dreams and aspirations.  She blends them together seamlessly with her powerful energy, magnetically stringing them together, not unlike baubles and beads on one of her beautiful jewelry creations.


Luma Qusus


And that is Luma’s superpower, connecting the dots, in each part of her life.  Just as she sees the beauty in each individual stone regardless of its imperfections, she genuinely sees the potential in people. Taking the good that she senses, her heart-warming acceptance makes her a crucible for powerful change.  Her heart is open to the world and it shines in her jewelry work, as I am sure it everything else that she touches with her magnetic wand.


As a child I have always been fascinated by nature…the serenity of the sea, the unique ever lasting stories each sea shell and coral reflects, to the marvelous beauty found in all our surroundings.


Luma Qusus


Inamullumani is the brain child of Luma Qusus Awad, a unique jewelry design company.  Aptly discovering her gift in the Mediterranean haven of Greece as a newlywed, her brand was born as Lumani, the lovechild of Luma and her husband Hani.  What started off as a gift of a jewelry design course at a Greek college has burgeoned into a well sought after bold jewelry business.

One of the many examples of the synergy she creates is evident in one of her latest collections ‘Fish 4 Flous’.  This exotic line debuted at Unesco’s heritage exhibition in Paris. Doing what she does best, connecting, Luma celebrates the FrancoArab connection with a line inspired by ancient Levant jewelry and the relevance of the fish in both cultures.  Fish were believed to bring wealth and good luck.  Flous, the Arabic word for money, is the same in the french language, rooted in the Arabic word ‘fils’.


Luma Qusus


Curiosity gets the better of me and I sit down to pick the brain of this intriguing mother of three, I want to know how her world works.  Her approach to life so simple yet unique, I wanted to understand how the harshness of life and business hadn’t dulled her spirit or dazzling smile.


On the greatest surprise in the business…

Luma shares that while still making jewelry as a hobby, she was able to create in a comfortable bubble, one that blinded her from the many hurdles in the real world.  Venturing into the business of jewelry and the harsh realities of a male-dominated industry was tough.  “Dealing with suppliers and entering workshops was indeed a struggle at the beginning, but I have learned to work my way around it without letting it stop me.”


Dealing with suppliers and entering workshops was indeed a struggle at the beginning, but I have learned to work my way around it without letting it stop me.


Luma Qusus


What she would do different if she could go back in time…

A lawyer by education, If she were given a chance, she would go back and choose an artistic major. “I would want the opportunity to build a foundation in an area I am passionate about. I would have discovered my strengths, found direction and eliminated the trial and error of my early days in the business.”


On the biggest lesson learned from starting a business…

As professional and as ethical as I may be, I unfortunately cannot expect the same of others. Business can be ruthless, one needs to believe in him/herself and what they do, let bygones-be-bygones, and make everyday a lesson learned.


Let bygones-be-bygones, and make everyday a lesson learned.


Luma Qusus


On what personal traits help make her successful…

It is clear that Luma is a people-person and a unique creative, but she is also a risk-taker.  It is these three traits that she feels have helped her overcome many obstacles and push through.  When she dreams of her future with Inamullumani, she envisions an immediately recognizable international brand.  One that is synonymous with an affordable yet high quality and unique product.


When it comes to fashion and her business…

When Luma designs, she hones in on a specific inspiration, after which the sky is the limit.  Her collection the ‘jasmine flower’ with it’s hammered gold petals (an ancient Greek jewelry technique) reflects this attitude which is inspired by the childhood jasmine necklaces we bestowed on loved ones.  Her clients may vary in background, these chic contemporary women are all looking to be daring and unique.


Luma Qusus



On where she finds her inspiration…

She shares, “Small details around our everyday lives attract my attention and trigger my inspirational senses”.  Nature, outdoors and the sea are my primary sources of inspiration.”  Luma understands a woman’s desire to highlight her own unique beauty.  Her customized designs cater to the woman that may have her own personal inspiration that she wants to translate into a piece.


On Luma herself…

Well it’s no surprise that this Arab beauty loves her lipsticks!  When she isn’t working you may find her in a silent corner savoring a piece of chocolate and a deep deep breath.  Or perhaps patronizing one of Amman’s local spots, depending on her mood, Luma may choose Yoshi or Casper & Gambini as her favorite.

With breast cancer as the cause closest to her heart, her designs for the King Hussein Cancer Center have decorated many an arm.  Her favorite quote, “you only live once so enjoy it”.


You only live once so enjoy it.


Her two cents worth to a creative wanting to enter the industry…

You need to have the passion, dedication, creativity and perseverance.  It’s not an easy road ahead.  It takes time to get your designs known, gain your client’s loyalty.


Well, Luma has clearly ticked all the above, I would add that her success is in part due to her openness to the world.  An intangible yet ever present trait that allows people to grow exponentially.  Her curiosity towards life, positive attitude and warm spirit light her way, enabling her to venture where few have gone…


Luma Qusus
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