Deema’s Empire Of Dream Dresses | CIIN’s Exclusive Interview With Deema Al Azzeh Sartawi

Deema Al Azzeh

I passed by Deema at her second location, Pronovious, an elegant boutique in the heart of Amman’s Sweifieh shopping district.  Perfectly merchandised dresses hang side by side, the distance between each party dress possibly measured with a ruler.  The enticing balustrade in the far center invites brides up to a haven of wedding dresses, a highly personalized and unique shopping experience.

As she bounces down the stairs to greet me, Deema Azzeh is a vision of daytime elegance. Her hair, perfect beach waves cascade down a sophisticated ensemble and her nails boast a fresh manicure that I couldn’t help but appreciate.


Deema Al Azzeh


The first thing that greets you when you meet Deema is her positivity, I can almost feel her superwoman cape envelope me and I instantly feel empowered. This woman is on a mission and she is ready for today and everyday. Little do I know, or sense that she is inundated with orders for her bespoke wedding gowns and facing tight deadlines.  She was in the thick of creating her masterpiece dresses, but still appeared collected and inspired. When I asked her how she achieved such calm, her response surprised me…


The biggest lesson I learned was that business should not be a one-man-show, or centralized on the owner.  The business has to be decentralized to succeed, with a strong team each one fulfilling his/her own part.


Her passion for each individual bride so apparent, when describing her work ethic she says, “to fulfill a bride’s dream of her own dress in each possible way with all my heart and potential”.  These are words straight from her gut.  Having that much emotion vested in each bride, and being able to share her business with her team is a very delicate balance to strike.


Deema Al Azzeh


There are no surprises with Deema, she has done her homework, put in the hours and invested heavily in her team.  She prides herself on the fact that each sales assistant is also a fashion and styling consultant.

Herself and the team provide a complete service, and women flock to her for the camaraderie and attention as much as for the selection.  Whether you are looking for an evening dress, or just have an idea for a wedding dress, Deema is the person to see.

This level-headed woman is honest enough to tell it like it is, yet creative enough to provide you with solutions and suggestions.  Deema and her team will be the client’s new BFF.  She is a listener, she is an authentic voice, and she has enough business to tell you the truth.  She wants you to buy, but she doesn’t need you to, and that sets her apart.


It all began 13 years ago, with a catalogue, a single wedding dress order and a Jordanian family that believed in me.


Deema Al Azzeh


Since establishing her business, Deema has gone from a determined young girl to an exemplary business woman, what defines her is her persistence and ‘why not’ attitude to opportunities that knock her door.  This Jordanian mother and wife is the founder of 3 bridal and evening dress and accessories boutiques.  When you need a special dress, Deema is the woman that comes to mind.  Her influence far-reaching, she accommodates orders from many countries, Dubai, Cairo and Beirut amongst others.  And yes the clients want the brands she carries, but ultimately they are here for a single brand, the Deema Al Azzeh brand, full stop.  It is her unique formula, and she sums it up beautifully,


Brides are usually specific yet imaginative in their choice of dress be it evening or wedding.  After some time in the business and various talks with brides, I started moulding my approach according to taste and desire.  Now at Sposabella we cater to this variety through designs and fabrics from different countries in the bridal fashion industry.  And we reach our aim of ‘the dream dress’ through a well-studied mix.


Deema Al Azzeh


When I ask her where she gets her inspiration, she takes me back to the workroom, where she plays with the limitless possibilities of fabric and embroidery samples, it is this curiosity that keeps her growing. That said, this courageous business woman has vision and runs a tight ship, focusing solely on all things evening – bridal dresses, evening wear, shoes and accessories.  The temptation to branch out to ready-to-wear and other venues have gone unattended by her.  She is a firm believer in specialization and her operation proves it.


Deema Al Azzeh


Wondering about Deema Al Azzeh as a person rather than an entrepreneur, we ask her about a few of her favorite things…

She guarantees the power of a white shirt to give you some va-va-voom even on the dullest of days.  And admits to a serious weakness for short dresses (a quick look at her enviable legs and I totally get it!) and the Deep Blue fragrance by Dolce & Gabbana, to give her an instant shot of glamour.

So what does she do when she isn’t at work…


My weekend starts with a family breakfast, followed by a trip to the gym and a lunch gathering with with her extended family, and of course my greatest indulgence is to relax by the sea.


Deema Al Azzeh


As for the causes closest to her heart…


Since the biggest pressure in our society is for girls to get married, the dearest and most rewarding cause for me is to help young girls in building their dreams and finding their most rewarding career path.


And last but certainly not least, her words of wisdom to someone wanting to enter the fashion industry…

You need to be passionate, creative and original, and again, you need a strong team.  Like Walt Disney said, “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them !”


Deema Al Azzeh