Glowing On 52, Elle Macpherson Shares Some Aging Tips

Elle Macpherson

The Australian model and businesswoman looks incredibly youthful at 52, in part thanks to her chic wardrobe. Speaking to website The New Potato, Elle shared her advice on how women should approach getting dressed every day.

“When I dress for myself, I choose colors that suit and flatter my skin tone and hair color, I try to be comfortable but not sloppy and choose strong silhouettes that highlight my height,” the 6ft star said. “I smile a lot (it helps everything, and distracts from whatever is not working).


Elle Macpherson


Our bodies change; how I deal with the change is directly correlated to how beautiful I look.


The main way in which Elle keeps herself looking so good is by taking good care of her skin. On top of a religious beauty regime, the model is sensible about what she puts into her body and how it will affect her appearance. For Elle, it’s all about balancing food like vegetables, fruits and lean protein, while having the occasional treat like dark chocolate.

“Coconut water, avocados, grains, fruit and fish make me feel my best,” she added. “Wheat, sugar and dairy are the worst.”


Elle Macpherson


To get her enviable glow, Elle tries to strike harmony between the acidity in her skin and the alkalinity in her blood. She stresses that people should look after their skin, as it’s the largest organ they have and for every bad diet choice, it shows up on the face.

Food has a bigger impact than any surface treatment, as she notes: “For longer lasting and more effective results you want to treat the dermis and hypodermis and this is best done internally. Also don’t forget the skin is the largest organ of the body this mighty organ, like all other organs, needs to be nurtured from the inside.”