The 10-Day No Carbs Diet Got JLo Looking Immaculate

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The whole world knows by now that Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez have officially finished their 10-day no sugar-no carbs diet.. A glimpse at Lopez’s latest instagram posts and stories, and considering how incredible Lopez looks in her latest selfie, we can’t help but crave to know more details!


jennifer lopez


J.Lo admitted that the challenge hasn’t been easy. 

“Alex and I have struggled through,” she said. “Anybody who stuck with us through the whole 10-day challenge, congratulations.”


With sugar withdrawal being the toughest part, it only lasted for the first couple of days as per JLo’s comment. The good news is that besides the great favor you’re doing to your system, weight loss comes as an eventual aftereffect. 


The first and second day is when you realize you’re addicted to sugar,” Lopez explained. “It’s like a drug. You will lose a bunch of pounds on it, you will lose inches because…once you get rid of that sugar and those carbs it just starts coming off,” she says. “Halfway through, five days through, I see a difference already.


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Round two for JLo and hubby Alex is right around the corner, taking a two-day break and resuming this health reaping regimen is the current plan..


Maybe we’ll stop for a few days and then get back on it,” said J.Lo. Some of you can join me for a second round,” she said.