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So Where’s Kylie?


We’ve all been hugely entertained by the Kardashians’ barrage of Christmas teaser posts that have started with the beginning of this month leading up to the 25th. The pics feature various poses of the whole clan …well the whole clan minus one that is ….and they’re all posing while clad in whites and denims.

So did you guess who is missing? I am sure you may have caught a whiff of the gossip, or if you are a die-hard fan of the Kardashians (I swear I’m not judging) you would have noticed the absence of The Kylie.

People took to various social media platforms to voice their guesses and concerns as well as their mockery as to the whereabouts of Kylie Jenner. Some even went the extra mile as to actually analyse the Kardashians’ pics for clues, especially their last post where they all seem to be looking at something or someone to their right!!And one very interesting theory seems to have emerged…




An outrageous assumption – though quite the possibility – is the assumption that Kylie has already given birth and that she might suddenly make an appearance…. with the baby in her arms. Some have noticed that Kylie has slowed down her media appearances ever since pregnancy rumours started circulating back in September. While Khloé’s pregnancy was announced around the same time; Kylie’s pregnancy was never confirmed by Kylie or any of her family members.

So if this is just a media stunt or an actual teaser prior to the real thing, only time will tell. But for now we must admit that the Kardashians have succeeded – yet again – in keeping people on their tippy toes…


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